Easy DIY Fabric Cuff Keychain

I’ve been shopping car insurance for the past 3 days….that makes me legally insane right? Twin have been expensive in the past….but insurances cost for 2 new drivers has more than doubled our car insurance premiums. Ouch….ouch….ouch…So to reduce some stress around here I have hit the sewing machine again:) I wanted to come up with a easy project that would utilize some of my fabric scraps. These key chains are for sale over at Lullebelle’s and I’ll be listing some in my etsy shop too.

5 minute fabric cuff keychain @cleverlyinspired (2)

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Outdoor Pergola and Lights

Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend….We caught up with friends and did a few outdoor projects. I also hit the sewing machine on Sunday to crank out a few more clutch purses. Go see them this week at LuluBelle’s here in Norton Commons:)

I wanted to share with you a project that we did not complete ourselves….we hired this one out. Our carpenter friend Bob (Bob the builder we affectionately call him:) built it for us. He has built us decks and finished out our basements in the past…and we knew that he was much more versed on pergola building then we were:)

outdoor pergola with lights @cleverlyinspired (3)

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warning….super randomness ahead….

Summer post are sketchy at best—those readers who have been with me for the past 7 years (hold moly cannoli—7 years of blogging…I’m ancient….anywho) know that I post when I can post….I worry a lot less about any sort of schedule—and this summer is no different. I am slowing down…enjoying the pace of homework free/ activity free days and I am loving it.

I was reading my Country Living magazine (yes, the paper kind…I still love flipping the pages of an actual magazine…) and I cam across this month’s free cross point download. Did you know that they have one every month? I have never cross pointed but have always wanted to try it. I downloaded the sweet little glass of lemonade—transferred it to the fabric with colored pencils. It is so zen….have you every tried cross point? I encourage you…try…makes your brain work:)Fullscreen capture 6222016 23522 PM

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Watermelon Cocktail (Low cal cocktail)

Hey yall! Hope you had a wonderful Father’s day! We had a great low key weekend—enjoyed a bit of pool time, family time and chill time:) A few weeks back we got together with some friends and I wanted to whip up a refreshing summer cocktail. This watermelon-tini fit the bill! Obviously the sweeter the watermelon the better….but if you happen to get one that lacks sweet just add a touch of honey. It’s hot….stay cool with a homemade watermelontini:) You’re welcome;)

watermelontini recipe @cleverlyinspired (3)

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Kicked Up Herbed Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We all have particular memories from our childhood when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches. Mine would have to be when my dad was traveling during the week and my mom was just trying to get food on the table. She would cook up and gooey buttery grilled cheese sandwich with some soup….I am sure you have very similar memories.  I also remember on weekends when my dad was in charge of lunch, he would get the griddle out and cook up everybody some grilled cheese sandwiches. It is the perfect comfort food featuring Land O Lakes Light Butter with Canola Oil

kicked up herbed grilled cheese sandwich (5)

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