DIY Chalkboard Sign: Make it with Martha

Hey hey….Derby week here in the Bluegrass!! Busy week for sure…I am going to share with you a yummy Derby brunch recipe this week that features a Kentucky proud product (starts with a B and ends with OURBON:) Editing those pics now…. Hope you are having a great start to the week…

DIY chalkboard sign @cleverlyinspired (3)cv I told you last week that I am working on putting together a few decorations for my nephew’s high school graduation party graduation. It has been fun dreaming up and creating some unique features for his celebration. So is was perfect timing when my friends at Martha Stewart sent me a fun package and invited me to create a craft to use for a party this season.

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Coffee Cozy Topper featuring Folger’s Instant Coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Folgers for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Friday yall!! I haven’t had much writing time this week….Derby is fast approaching and I have been whippin up some last minute clutch purses:) I’m excited to go out with some girlfriends tonight…it has been awhile! We are going to see Sixteen Candles (80’s band)….have you heard of them? Should be a good time…wearing my dancin shoes;)

Today I wanted to share with you an easy crafting project. My friends at Folgers asked me to come up with an inspiring coffee idea. I love me some coffee. It is how I start my day..everyday. I only need one cup….but I really need that one cup:) Good thing it is good for you….cause I am NOT giving up that one cup:)

coffee cozy @cleverlyinspired (5)new

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$5…5 minute Kentucky Derby Party DIY fascinator

My friends at the Kentucky Derby challenged me to come up with a fun way to celebrate Derby no matter where you live and I thought that this Kentucky Derby fascinator could be made quick and on the cheap for all your Derby parties. If you don’t have a derby party to go to… no sweat… Just make one and hang out with the family and watch the greatest two minutes in sports at your house.

5 minute Kentucky Derby fascinator @cleverlyinspired (2)

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shhhh….glowing skin is basically free (removing peach fuzz)

Hey yall…Happy Monday:) Full steam ahead into the end of the school year…my kids only have about 24ish days of school left. Crazy to me! I must admit that I am looking forward to summer and a slower pace (hopefully.) I met with Ethan Allen last week at our showhouse for this year’s Homearama. I am really excited about working with them…this home will be a showcase for sure!

So today….I thought…let’s be frank…can we be frank? Do you have facial hair? I feel like the girth of hair that I once had on my eye lashes…has slowly made it’s way to transplanting itself on my chin and upper lip…just me? A few years back…I started noticing this…and I set out to find a good option for dealing with it. Here are my thoughts on this fun subject…..

I do this…do you? Have been for years….makes your skin literally glow—and it is basically free:) These single blade razors are all you need (bic also sells a thin single blade razor you can find in your drug store.)

glowing skin remove peach fuzz @cleverlyinspired

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when you hit 42…why I joined weight watchers….

I have never had to watch my weight…like ever. I was gifted a super fast metabolism….up until I hit about age 41. Mind you…I have always (at least for most of my adult life) enjoyed a variety of fruits and veggies and have eaten them consistency. But on the flip side of that I have always enjoyed a sweet treat too:) I never had to consider how much sweets I was eating because I rarely gained weight….just how I am made I guess….


(the string bean on the way right is vintage 1983ish me…#pinkandgreenforever…and yes that is a cow behind us. My Uncle owned a angus cattle farm in Maryland:)

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