Update: How to sew a clutch and finish it


Hi all!! Hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to pop in and share a little update on a past post I did about making your own clutch purse.... A long while back I made a Youtube about how to sew a clutch purse. It has been viewed over 25,000 times. Y’all like the clutch purse…a lot. I have also had many questions about … [Read more...]

How to install a light fixture…Video Tutorial

Install a light

You never know if you can do something unless you try to do it. Removing an outdated light all by yourself is so satisfying! Impress your friends, wow your husband…get those wire cutters out girls…cause your going to change out that ugly light and put in something that you can be proud of!! I have installed dimmers in the past too…you won’t … [Read more...]

DIY Iron Spindles for a Staircase: Video


I was contacted a few months back from a company called Carolina Stairs. Super nice guy named Matt saw my video about how we refinished our stairs (took off nasty carpet, sanded down, painted and poly) We still look at our stairs and smile. The best $81 we ever spent!He was impressed and he asked if we would take a look at a product he sells. Matt … [Read more...]

Master bath demo video

I made a very short...and very dark (sorry about some of the lighting in the beginning)...lighting under sinks are not that favorable :) But I think it is a good opportunity to see how I managed to take off the old countertop and unhook all the plumbing. If you are not up to speed...here is a few past post about the bathroom countertop … [Read more...]

Video–Make a Clutch Purse


I learned how to make these fabulous clutch purses about a year ago. Thanks to Martha Stewart....I sold and still sell many on my etsy shop! But I wanted to share how you can make your own. They are super cute and great for spring!!! I made a video tutorial to make it a bit easier... I had to really edit the video down to be less than 15 … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial–Stair Makeover

The recent renovation of our wood stairs is now on video! I didn't take a lot of video...but I thought some part may be helpful to see in motion....If you missed the blog posting...here is the reveal....Stairs Revealed...Here is the youtube.....Video Tutorial Stair Makeovermy camera skills are a work in progress people....please be kind ;) … [Read more...]

New Video tutorial—Making a Ereader Cover


Check out the new Youtube --How to sew and ereader cover! Nook cover- Youtube Sharing at Todays Creative Blog Be inspired to be clever! Thanks for reading! Please consider visiting me on Facebook, Twitter and pinterest! Fun things shared in between post! … [Read more...]

Cupcake Washcloth Video Tutorial

cupcake washcloth

So I am on a roll I guess....2nd video on my YouTube channel cleverlyinspired. This video is showing you how to make the very popular Cupcake Washcloth. Please let me know what you think ;) I love to hear your feedback!!! Thanks! So if you want to learn how to do this..... Check out this link....Cupcake Washcloth Video Be inspired to be … [Read more...]

Cleverly Inspired hits the big time…not really, just Youtube

Hi all! I posted my very first video-cast...YIKES!!! I was nervous!! But it was such fun! Check it out if you want to learn how to make these....Cleverly Inspired on YouTubeYou will need a recycled wine bottle, 3/4 inch cotton roping, steel nipples, steel hexnuts, 3/8 washers, oil lamp oil.Oh please tell me what you think...unless you hate … [Read more...]