DIY Cover a lampshade….super neat trick!


  Hi guys! I know that sometimes we find things that are perfect for a space….but maybe they need a little tweaking. These lamps are a perfect example….I bought them for $5 each awhile back at a yard sale. They didn’t have shades…which is fine because most times the shades are in bad condition anyway. I found 2 shades that would fit great … [Read more...]

Dryer Vent Vase


Sometimes inspiration comes from the HVAC aisle in your local hardware store…at least that happens to me a lot :) Dryer vents are shiny, cheap and chic. Don’t ya think??   I bought 3 at $1.67 a pop….I placed a drinking glass in the center and I stacked the 3 dryer vents on top of each other. This would be pretty all lined up on … [Read more...]

$10* DIY Wood Countertop

diy wood countertop

I shared with you a little update on the kitchen pantry last week. We are really loving the space. I wanted to share with you our counter top project. We thought about getting a slab of granite that was throughout the kitchen. But we really wanted something that had a different texture. Wood was a perfect it saves about $290 :) Not … [Read more...]

Custom length curtains for less

custom length curtains for less

I recently shared this over at CSI project and I wanted you to see it too.  Here is a super easy way to make an inexpensive store bought curtain look a lot more custom. I bought these curtains on clearance at Target. I think they were maybe $7 each. The only trouble was they were about 18 inches too short. My solution was to buy one yard of … [Read more...]

Goodwill desk becomes coffee bar…


When you follow me on Facebook or get to see things I pick up along the way. I love sharing those experiences with you all! I tweeted this picture of an $8 table I spotted. So sad needed a bit of love. We ended up covering the entire table up with lovely aspen wood and trim.  Perfect size....not so perfect … [Read more...]

$5 end table becomes tray and quilt table

crafting 2

Have you signed up to win $50 to For Pete's Sake!?!?! Seriously awesome prize! Think of all the gifts you could cross off your list!!In case you missed it last week...this was my entry for the Crafting with the Stars Upcycle round. My project came in last place....but I still love it :) $5 End table= Quilt Holder and Large Tray This little … [Read more...]

Dangling Earring organizer….for $2


Happy Saturday!! The winner of the Martha book is Lee number 6! Contact me at cleverlyinspired at :) I'm not going to lie. I kind of smiled and thought...that is really clever...when I finished this project. I was in need of a way to see all my longer earrings...without having to take out every earring to find the match...yada … [Read more...]

Pickle Jar and Matchbooks a couple of announcements!! Today is the last day to sign up for the Martha book giveaway. Name will be drawn this afternoon and be announced on facebook...then on the blog. Also, I am so excited to tell you that I created a smart phone app for the blog!!! Yes, all the bloggie goodness right on your phone :) If you have the Android market … [Read more...]

$10 Refinished Round Table


I didn't need this table. But I was thrifting with my boy last week...and I couldn't pass this adorable little table up....My son tells me tables cannot be adorable..."it's a table mom, not a person..." I know, I know....but she is so cute. "whatever mom, can we stop for fries..." Love you...Looked like this when I bought it....Some of the top … [Read more...]

$8 Rocking Chair…revived!


So I found this little lonely rocking chair just calling my name at the thrift store...."take me home, fix me up, update my fabric, read a book on me..." (again, I admit, I am odd....) I digress....I took this little chair home....and here is what happened...Dated, old, seafoam paint, the lil lady needed a makeover....I sort of felt like … [Read more...]