Thanksgiving Cheese Ball


We woke up to a few inches of snow here...and our first snow day from school. Seems a bit early, no? I don't remember ever having a snow day this early in the school year. Check out instagram to see Stella's first walk in the snow....hilarious. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I know that many of you are getting ready for the big turkey … [Read more...]

Rustic Thanksgiving Table & DIY candles


Talk about one-stop shopping! With Thanksgiving and holiday entertaining coming up, I wanted to create a beautiful yet simple DIY centerpiece with common household items. I think I succeeded! To make this tablescape, you'll need just a few things from your local True Value hardware and grocery stores, but other than that it's an inexpensive, rustic … [Read more...]

Baked Cheese Appetizer (Easy Thanksgiving Snack)


Hey yall! We are in the beginnings of basketball season here! My buds is the manager of the freshman basketball team for his high school. He is so stinkin excited about it! We are thrilled he is meeting so many nice boys...and he loves being a part of the team. I am trying my darndest to get my holiday things organized. Figuring out where things go … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Playlist (Music for Thanksgiving)


Good music will set the mood for any great together. I have been compiling a little list of songs that are great to listen to in  the background for your Thanksgiving celebrating. I use Spotify….(which I loooovvveeee). You can make an account and just click follow and my Clever Thanksgiving playlist will show up on your account too. It is a really … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape & A Thanksgiving Favor


Target has provided some pictures in this blog post and I have been compensated for my review; as always thoughts, projects and ideas are my own. You know how every year I like to give my family a parting favor on Thanksgiving. Last year I gave them some dry dip recipe…another year I gave some sugared almonds…and cinnamon butter (this post is … [Read more...]

25 things to do now (Thanksgiving Prep List)


The holidays seem to fly up and hit us in the rear sometimes….for real. I like to get a jumpstart on as many things as I can to make the whole season a whole bunch more enjoyable. Here are a few things that you can do now….so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving too. (this list is mainly for people who will be hosting the big meal…but hopefully you … [Read more...]

Easy make ahead turkey gravy recipe


Gravy…the crown jewel…the holy grail…the goodness. We always run out…never have enough…and it prompted me to solve this gravy problem once and for all. (all sounds so serious…huh…well it is…we are talking about GRAVY…:)   It is a favorite at our Thanksgiving meal…and I wanted to be able to make some extra…but not under the gun of serving … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving tablescape idea


“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?” (name that movie ;) In case you want a last minute…throw-it-together…happy Thanksgiving table idea…. I'm here to help… 3 packs of grocery store daisies… A few small bud vases (you could use shot glasses…just sayin…) A basket full of pinecones and candles…. Let’s eat friends! :) … [Read more...]

5 easy homemade party favors


Tis the season of friends and family coming into our homes….and it is always fun to send them home with something homemade. I rounded up a short list of fun, crafty, homemade favors that come together super quick. Are you throwing any parttaaas this year? What will your favor be? Cupcake Washcloth Decorated Pen Wine Cork key … [Read more...]

Boost your Omega 3 this Thanksgiving: Sponsored Post


Thanksgiving time is all about food…and I love it all! In hopes to make some fun recipes a bit more healthy I decided to give “I can’t believe it’s not butter” a try on a few new recipes. These would be great to have around while you have guest coming in and out of the house….throughout the whole holiday season. All you need for this is … [Read more...]