#giftsmart with Radio Shack (Unique Gift finds)


Your local Radio Shack is more than a place to just find a battery for that hard to find battery:) It is a place that is filled with all sorts of fun tech gifts for the tech lover in your life. My friends at Radio Shack sent me a few things to take a look at for this holiday season gift giving.  They would love for you to #giftsmart when you … [Read more...]

10 things your smartphone can do


It's kind of funny when I stop and think about it. When I first started blogging I didn't even have a smartphone. I don't think many people (average everyday moms/dads) had smartphones. But now I can't imagine blogging without my phone. I rarely pull out my nice camera anymore. I wanted to share with you a few favorite smartphone apps that I use … [Read more...]

Stay Connected but completely live in the moment…with Ditto


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ditto by Simple Matters for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Sometimes companies contact me and tell me about a really cool new product that I get to research to tell you about. This is exactly one of those cases. I was sent a request to share with you a cool new gadget that will be available … [Read more...]

How to use picmonkey to create your christmas cards (diy christmas cards)


Yall full? Turkey overload? Here is a great activity to get those Christmas cards done and done! Easier than you think….promise. And no…these aren’t my Christmas cards…this was a card I just did to show you how easy it is to create your own one of a kind Chrismas card. I use Picmonkey every day. It is how I place text on all my blog post. I love … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Playlist (Music for Thanksgiving)


Good music will set the mood for any great together. I have been compiling a little list of songs that are great to listen to in  the background for your Thanksgiving celebrating. I use Spotify….(which I loooovvveeee). You can make an account and just click follow and my Clever Thanksgiving playlist will show up on your account too. It is a really … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: QR Code Art


This would be a perfect gift for the tech lover in your life. Etsy seller Colorelish creates unique QR code art that be custom made for any occasion….All the recipient has to do is scan the code to see what the picture says. A very fun and unique gift….   The QR code art I create is applied with color composition and is one of a kind. … [Read more...]

Star gazing Apps


While you are hunkering down on those tasty smores…I thought I would give you an idea to look up into that beautiful summer sky. These apps are perfect for summer star gazing…you may actually teach the kiddos a thing or two;) Found this on DigitalTrends: Android users are lucky, because the free Sky Map app is really excellent. You can find … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: Carrot app


Do you ever get sidetracked? You have this big list of To Do’s…and then you catch a glimpse of something and it pulls you in and then you find yourself under the sink cabinet for an hour finding old q tips from 2004….just me? This app may help us stay more on task. It is called the Carrot app…it basically rewards you for checking things off your … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: USB bracelet


I think this would be super handy….and super cute to wear out! Always have your music and pics on you…at a moments notice…whip off your bracelet and play some tune:) Probably would be really handy for the college student in your life too. Is it jewelry? Or a computer peripheral? Actually, the USB Bracelet (€30; roughly $40) is a little of … [Read more...]

Parent tips for Instagram


Another quick chat about the social media app called Instagram. I love instagram. It is a natural fit for me because I could look at photographs all day. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family (and favorite bloggers) all over the globe because it is quick and very user friendly. However, there is a learning curve for children … [Read more...]