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Painted Brick Houses: Our inspiration ideas

Warning: if you are a “painted brick hater” you may want to carry on…and read another post ;) This post is all about painted brick houses. We have lived in our house for about 8 years now….and every since we have lived here we have wanted painted brick. We didn’t do it when we built…because we also loved the look of natural brick…and the budget wasn’t allowing it;) After doing a bit of research…and clipping pictures for the past 8 years…we have narrowed it down to a few choices. The style we are most excited about could be called “old Charleston” …used painted brick in a white wash…colonial colors to compliment…wood porch floors….stained wood double doors….Here are some fun inspiration pictures that have the look we are going for…. (Dad…stop crying…it’s ok to paint brick….the world will continue to go round…xoxo;) …
We love the look of the white washed brick. You can still appreciate the texture of the brick….love it…
Another change we will be making to the front is a large porch….we will be replacing the single door with a wood/window double door. The stain of the door in the above picture is what we are drawn to….
The front porch will have a brick fireplace on the side….and possibly wood floors…columns in a stacked stone and paneled ceiling….
The shutters will be cedar painted or stained….we love the idea of a slate blue shutter….
I had some fun over the weekend playing with this app on Sherwin Williams website called Color Visualizer. I didn’t take too much time with my shapes…so it is a bit sloppy…but it does give a nice visual for what the paint may look like. Fun to play with….
Here is our house…
White with brown stained shutters…..
house paint 4

White with slate gray….

house paint 3

White with dark blue…..

house paint 1

We are in the beginning planning stages….so don’t expect this to happen quick;) But we can’t wait to have another outdoor space….plus make our house a bit more unique…:)

Are you a painted brick lover?? Or hater??

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