Creating an egress window in a basement: Part one


Please excuse the really poor pictures….most were taken on my cellphone but the setting was low-res…so they are a bit fuzzy. I wanted to give you an update to the guest bedroom in the basement project. We had an egress window installed a few weeks back. There was a few snags in the window sizing ….so a new window was installed on Thursday last … [Read more...]

How to prep damaged walls for paint


  Do you remember when you were little…and you wanted so badly to pin something up in your room…maybe it was a poster or a good grade or a blue ribbon…and your dad said…”don’t put anything on the wall…I just painted that wall..and it will damage the wall..” but you did it anyway? (sorry, run on sentence there…just thinking out loud) . … [Read more...]

Choosing a light


Having a hard time. I love all of these…and then I think oh..maybe I should just make a light. What are your thoughts? This will be in the new office space/guest room. Don't you just love a cool light...makes such a are some fabulous lights…   The firefly pendant light by CB2. It measures 24 inches long…about 29 high. … [Read more...]