10 inexpensive tips to organize the garage


Other titles I kicked around for this post…. “holy mother of batman…I can park two cars in our two car garage!” “Got crap?” “Hold me…I’ve been in my garage for 5 days straight…” “Intervention: when you hoard…but you have no room to hoard…” A couple weeks back….my instagram feed was covered in garage organization goodness. I had to … [Read more...]

Outdoor Summer Station


“Mom, I’m hungry..” ….”Mom, I’m hot….” , “Mom, I already did my chores…” ahhhhh, the sweet sounds of summer are approaching. We are left with just 2 short weeks in our school year. I can almost taste the freedom (freedom from homework ;) This weekend I decided to do a bit of organizing in the garage. I posted last year about giving this little area … [Read more...]