Wood Floor into Wall Art (DIY art)


You know that I hold onto things….things like random pieces of flooring. About 5 pieces to be exact. They were laying in the garage…collecting dog hair and debris…it was time to clean them up and put them to good use. And so they became wall art for the guest room…#boom…. Here is how I made it…   Now don’t go all crazy on me….if you … [Read more...]

Fabric covered office accessories DIY


A sneak peek at some fun office updates….I made these tack boards for my desk. I really didn’t want a big bulletin board…so I thought I would make up my own size. These are super easy to make and can be used so many places….inside a kitchen cabinet….by the mudroom…by the kids desks…so useful. And I love how you can match them up to any décor with a … [Read more...]

Cookie on a Pan: Halloween Costume


I went on a quick trip to see my bff last week. We got busy working on homemade Halloween costumes. 3 little girls wanting 3 unique homemade costumes….we were worn out! The oldest wanted to be a claw machine (like the kind you see at the arcade), the middle girl wanted to be a jelly fish…and the youngest wanted to be a Cookie on a … [Read more...]

DIY pipe bed (boys room furniture)


I originally felt a little silly getting rid of such a nice sleigh bed in my son’s old bedroom. But it was taking up a lot of space and it wasn’t what he wanted for his room…and I wanted this space to reflect him. I ended up researching some beds I could make. I wanted it to look industrial, not take up much room, and be affordable to put together. … [Read more...]

DIY clothespin planter: Michelle from Ten June


I am really excited to have Michelle from Ten June visiting here today! Michelle’s blog is FULL of fun projects and decorating ideas. She is so creative…so lovely…and just a gem of a girl. I have read her blog for a little over a year now…and I had a blast meeting up with her at the Haven conference. We were immediate friends…very similar people … [Read more...]

How to make a bar (outdoor)


We have this little space at the lake house right outside the kitchen door. It is a perfect spot to sit and watch…and listen. We don’t have a very large kitchen so this space is perfect for pulling up a stool to eat (and drink ;) We made this super easy bar area about 4 summers ago…it has served us well. It would be great on any deck….not that much … [Read more...]

Outdoor Summer Station


“Mom, I’m hungry..” ….”Mom, I’m hot….” , “Mom, I already did my chores…” ahhhhh, the sweet sounds of summer are approaching. We are left with just 2 short weeks in our school year. I can almost taste the freedom (freedom from homework ;) This weekend I decided to do a bit of organizing in the garage. I posted last year about giving this little area … [Read more...]