A little bitty bunny…


This is a tale of 3 little bunnies...."huh...do you guys see that white can of spray paint over there??" "yeah, I'm pretty sure we are getting sprayed....", "I think I liked it better at the Big Lots store...""right...right....Happy bleeppppin Easter...."And pink bows.....and pretty pretty eggs...(found eggs at Hobby Lobby)"we aren't happy one … [Read more...]

A thankful plate….


I love a pretty table. It makes me remember going to my cousins house at the holidays and listening to everyone carry on and laugh and chat --good times. So, when I host Thanksgiving--I like to set a pretty table too. We can fit 10 people at our table which is usually more than enough room. It brings me joy when everyone is around the table … [Read more...]

Puff Pastry Cornucopia


I know---I can almost see my brothers eyes rolling---my Pastry Cornucopia---drives him nuts some of the projects I choose to spend my time on---but he loves me anyway and that is all that matters! I love making this to place rolls in or crackers...it takes about 15 minutes---even though it looks much harder! You will need Box of puff … [Read more...]

Hosting Thanksgiving?? Some ideas for you….

Found some fun ideas for Thanksgiving hostesses.....plenty of time girls, plenty of time....  Make one of these...placement aprons... Someday crafts Less than perfect life Blessed Nest Craftily ever after Greenbean Craftarole Great ideas ladies!!!! Be inspired to be clever!! Remember to sign up for the … [Read more...]

Fall tablescape

Completely in the FALL mood here at our house! Pumpkin bread, check; Hay out front, check; crisp cool air through open windows, check; I LOVE this time of year! So---thought I would share some table scape ideas that may put you in the fall mood too! Oh, and hey---if you like my blog----let me know. I am sending this out into the universe---and I … [Read more...]