Farmhouse Dining Table with Extensions


I told you all last week about the table situation in our dining area. We were able to bring home our new handcrafted table late last week and we are completely loving it! It fits the space so much better than the other table. We got it locally from a woodworker in Taylorsville, Kentucky. I found him at a local peddler's mall and took his business … [Read more...]

Rustic Thanksgiving Table & DIY candles


Talk about one-stop shopping! With Thanksgiving and holiday entertaining coming up, I wanted to create a beautiful yet simple DIY centerpiece with common household items. I think I succeeded! To make this tablescape, you'll need just a few things from your local True Value hardware and grocery stores, but other than that it's an inexpensive, rustic … [Read more...]

DIY leather napkin holder with free thanksgiving printable


So my peanut is going to her first high school dance tonight:) She is very excited! She is going with a very nice boy....we are friends with his family--which gives some comfort to the whole situation. I'm sure I will share a pic on instagram if you want to pop over there later. Here is an easy little napkin holder to make for your Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Paper bag vase: Patriotic decor


Let’s just call this your magazine to summer time fun. I am teaming up with not one, not two….but 110 other bloggers to bring you a slew of summer time ideas that all center around red, white and blue! The web will be lit up today with patriotic goodness so be sure to pass this link along and spread around the summer cheer! Search the hashtag … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape & A Thanksgiving Favor


Target has provided some pictures in this blog post and I have been compensated for my review; as always thoughts, projects and ideas are my own. You know how every year I like to give my family a parting favor on Thanksgiving. Last year I gave them some dry dip recipe…another year I gave some sugared almonds…and cinnamon butter (this post is … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving tablescape idea


“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?” (name that movie ;) In case you want a last minute…throw-it-together…happy Thanksgiving table idea…. I'm here to help… 3 packs of grocery store daisies… A few small bud vases (you could use shot glasses…just sayin…) A basket full of pinecones and candles…. Let’s eat friends! :) … [Read more...]

DIY party favor: Dry dip mix recipe


You know how I love a useful party favor… this one is yummy too! I researched and tested a few recipes…and tweaked a few here and there…and came up with this Bacon bite dip mix. It is best when made the day before you are going to serve it…to let the flavors come together. You still have time to throw this together for your Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving craft: Chair back nametags


I briefly told you about teaming up with some very fun and talented bloggers (Thistlewood Farms and The Hunted Interior) for a week of Thanksgiving Inspirations. I am up first with a really fun, meaningful, easy Thanksgiving craft. This comes together quick and what I love most about it…everyone gets involved. All you need is some burlap, … [Read more...]

Natural Fall Centerpiece (Fall table decor)


My hard drive is busted. Yes….busted as in not in I have been computer-less for 2 days. Funny how lost I feel without it….a bit un-nerved actually. Luckily I didn’t lose any data or pictures….and all that good stuff thanks to my Carbonite. Best $60 we ever spent. I should have my computer back tomorrow and it will be good as new….but … [Read more...]

Woodlands Spring Centerpiece


Sometimes I spot something in a peddlers mall or thrift shop and I have not a clue what I may do with that particular object…but I know I can make use of it. That is exactly what happened when I saw these cedar pieces. There was a huge stack of them in a booth at a local peddlers mall. Someone must of just cut down a tree…it smelled marvelous! At … [Read more...]