Slow cooker sausage & meatball recipe


Many titles for this post….. Easiest thing you will ever make So easy a 12 month old could make Balls and links…(insert your own joke here…) Yummy, meat…. Get your toothpick out and go to town… I could go on….but I won’t bore you anymore. Get ready….follow along….many directions here…. Get out your crock pot and pour in a … [Read more...]

DIY party favor: Dry dip mix recipe


You know how I love a useful party favor… this one is yummy too! I researched and tested a few recipes…and tweaked a few here and there…and came up with this Bacon bite dip mix. It is best when made the day before you are going to serve it…to let the flavors come together. You still have time to throw this together for your Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Healthy Holiday Appetizer: Sponsored Post


I think this time of year we all have a hard time sticking to a sensible diet. There are many temptations all around us...cookies, candy, cakes...fat laden treats (and they are so yummy). I am a firm believer in "moderation"...I believe everyone should get to indulge a little bit. balance out all the may want to consider … [Read more...]

Savory Baked Brie Recipe (easy holiday appetizer)


It's Friday! Yippee! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. If you are entertaining or just hanging out with may want to try this little looks like you worked on it alot harder than you actually did ;) I don’t like sweet cheese. So whenever someone offers my “baked brie” I kindly say no thanks. I always thought that was the … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Sugar Almond Slow cooker recipe (Party favor)


Again with the slow cooker…. again….is that what you’re saying in your head? What can I say….I’m on a roll I tell ya :) These sweet almonds cook up in quick in the slow cooker and they make your house smell divine. I’m sure you have the ingredients on hand (except the almonds maybe). These cinnamon sugar almonds make great neighbor gifts or party … [Read more...]

Halloween Spider Cheese ball and Platter (appetizer)


BOO! Halloween post are popping up all over the I thought I would share this one with you. I was excited to participate over at eighteen25’s Spectacular September this year. I shared this spider web platter. In case you missed it…I have the directions below on how to create your own spider web platter. What could be cuter on a web platter … [Read more...]

Homemade Granola Bar Recipe (healthy breakfast)


This recipe surprised me. I was sure it would be dry and flavor-less….I was completely wrong! Now I am irritated that I didn’t double the recipe. They are chewy, tasty, just sweet enough….perfect with your morning coffee! They are packed with nutrition too! I would encourage you to make these this weekend….and just see for yourself. … [Read more...]

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe)


This is one of those crowd-pleasin-no-fuss-grillin-n-chillin recipes of summer. It is make ahead…pop on the grill while your enjoying a refreshing cocktail…good time food. It comes together easy. I love that. Pop off the mushroom stems and chop them up. Sauté them in a pan with some ground sausage. Meanwhile, cook the stuffing in the microwave. … [Read more...]

Grilled Hot Wings (buffalo wings)


Love…hate relationship. Me and hot wings. I love how they taste…I hate that they are bad for you. Love the different sauces you can eat them with…hate that they are a mess to make and eat! Bill is a huge fan of hot wings…and we were both searching for a way to enjoy them with less fat, less mess…and MORE fun :) With a bit of experimenting….this is … [Read more...]

Fresh Pico de Gallo


For our 10 year wedding anniversary…Bill and I went to an amazing resort in Mexico. We had this fresh Pico everyday at cocktail hour. I came home needing to replicate it. This is as close as I have come. I have tried every kind of tomato out there. The petite cut by  Red Gold are perfect for this. DelMonte..a close second. I have found that canned … [Read more...]