DIY Iron Spindles for a Staircase: Video


I was contacted a few months back from a company called Carolina Stairs. Super nice guy named Matt saw my video about how we refinished our stairs (took off nasty carpet, sanded down, painted and poly) We still look at our stairs and smile. The best $81 we ever spent!He was impressed and he asked if we would take a look at a product he sells. Matt … [Read more...]

Oh Joy!!! New treads!!


 Recently I told you about Putter...the 9 year old Golden....that we love dearly....but he hated our shiny new stairs...see the post here... He has stumbled a few times coming down the we ordered some fabulous treads...I know! Aren't they awesome!They are from Natural Area Rugs . ...I am placing some carpet tape on both sides … [Read more...]

New treads for an old dog….


Our Golden Retriever Putter was really missing the carpet….and NOT loving our shiny newly redone stairs….It’s good thing he’s cute…otherwise I would be really annoyed….Photo Credit Andrew Kung PhotographyHe really is a good dog....I felt bad when he tumbled down the last few stairs one morning. (secretly thinking--wonder if he just scratched my new … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial–Stair Makeover

The recent renovation of our wood stairs is now on video! I didn't take a lot of video...but I thought some part may be helpful to see in motion....If you missed the blog is the reveal....Stairs Revealed...Here is the youtube.....Video Tutorial Stair Makeovermy camera skills are a work in progress people....please be kind ;) … [Read more...]

The $81 Stair Makeover….REVEALED!

Refinishing hardwood stairs

 You've been so excited for me. Thanks! I am still in the middle of polyurethane all the coats on the treads....but you can see the final product.A few of you have asked how many hours this project has taken me...well the first phase (clearing out the carpet and pulling all staples and tacks) took me 2.5 … [Read more...]

Phase 3–Operation Stair Makeover


Here is where we started this project if you are just joining me....Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Operation Stairs Makeover..... Putter has lost all patience with me by this point. Poor dog...if he could talk, he would be saying "could you please just put back the carpet and end this nonsense woman..." oh carpet for you!After stairs were all … [Read more...]

Phase 2–Operation stairs makeover


So if you were here saw that I decided to take the carpet off my stairs....Phase One--Operation Stairs Makeover and here we continue.....The project continues with a day of sanding and scraping up the paint and caulk that was on the stairs. Plastic was hung up from every doorway to help the dust...which there was a bunch of … [Read more...]

Phase 1– operation stairs makeover


For about a year I have been thinking about redoing our stairs. Should I?Can I? Would I dare? Rip up carpet??Almost 7 years of wear....stains that can't come up... I just don't know. It would be the largest project I have ever done. The hubs was completely behind me." you can totally do that. It is just carpet. It the wood is bad we will deal … [Read more...]