Savory Sweet Cornbread Recipe


  There is a restaurant close to us called Napa River….they serve this cornbread…in these cute little cast iron skillets…slice it up into pie wedges…and serve it with warm butter. It. Is. Amazing. I was not a cornbread lover until I had Napa River Grills version. It is savory and sweet….a slight crunch of raw sugar on top…it is a perfect bread … [Read more...]

Keep the Flu away with Simple Wonton Soup (Wonton Soup Recipe)


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Popping in today to share some cozy soup…and chat about how to keep the sickies away:) We do everything we can to keep out of the Dr.s’ office….keep our hands clean, don’t share drinks, sneeze into your elbow instead of your hand….etc.…. … [Read more...]

Simple Tomato Soup Recipe


Grab your grilled cheese people…you gonna wanna go dippin…I have shared some other tomato soup versions that are equally as tasty. However the ease of this one…and the flavor…it is really the perfect ending to day. I personally would double this and keep some in the fridge. All you need is a salad and maybe a grilled cheese and your done….a … [Read more...]

Easy Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe


It is that time of year...if you are a good gardener (unlike me;) you may be left with an abundant of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. This is a perfect little salad to whip up that makes great use of them ;) My mom made this every summer. We would pick the cucumbers and tomatoes out of Grammie’s backyard garden. To be honest…I got a little tired … [Read more...]

Individual Hash Brown Cup Recipe


Portable food is so cute. Why is that? We are able to shovel more in our pie-hole? Who knows….but these little individual hash brown cups are too cute….they are easy to make and have a wow factor so friends will think you spent hours…when really it only takes a couple minutes. Love that:)   Just a few ingredients and bake time…that is it. … [Read more...]

Bacon & Mushroom Quiche recipe (make ahead breakfast)


I hope you all had a great weekend. It sure was rainy is still raining right now. It's not helpful on a Monday morning. I have a yummy recipe to share with you today. If you have never made a quiche...I would try this recipe. Normally I shy away from quiche. I am ones of those people who are very fickle about eggs. They have … [Read more...]

Healthy Mashed Potato recipe


Potatoes get a bad rap. All they want to do is provide a yummy way to get your daily source of potassium….but all everybody calls them is “carb loaded”. I don’t eat them everyday…but I do enjoy potatoes a couple times a week. This recipe is a great weeknight side dish…healthy and you will never miss what is missing. Everything in moderation, right … [Read more...]

Easy make ahead turkey gravy recipe


Gravy…the crown jewel…the holy grail…the goodness. We always run out…never have enough…and it prompted me to solve this gravy problem once and for all. (all sounds so serious…huh…well it is…we are talking about GRAVY…:)   It is a favorite at our Thanksgiving meal…and I wanted to be able to make some extra…but not under the gun of serving … [Read more...]

Savory Baked Brie Recipe (easy holiday appetizer)


It's Friday! Yippee! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. If you are entertaining or just hanging out with may want to try this little looks like you worked on it alot harder than you actually did ;) I don’t like sweet cheese. So whenever someone offers my “baked brie” I kindly say no thanks. I always thought that was the … [Read more...]

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe)


This is one of those crowd-pleasin-no-fuss-grillin-n-chillin recipes of summer. It is make ahead…pop on the grill while your enjoying a refreshing cocktail…good time food. It comes together easy. I love that. Pop off the mushroom stems and chop them up. Sauté them in a pan with some ground sausage. Meanwhile, cook the stuffing in the microwave. … [Read more...]