How to Sew a Knitting Needle bag


I wish I knew how to knit. It is something I have always found intriguing. And you can make so many lovely things when you know how to knit. Maybe someday! I was recently asked to custom sized knitting needle bag. is what I came up with...The customer wanted the bag to be 5 by 24...plenty of space for every size needle. I cut 2 … [Read more...]

Easy Eyelet and Gingham Pillow


Red Gingham. What comes to your mind?? For me it is summer. It is such a happy and bright pattern. I used it to accent a chair that I recently refinished The Captains Chair. I thought the eyelet would be so cute next to the red and blue.I measured about 1.5 inches around my pillow form. My fabric was 19 by 15.I sandwiched the eyelet in between the … [Read more...]

Simple Zipper case


A little case that is perfect for your summer-time essentials like lipcoat and suncreen, money...whatever :) Really great project to introduce yourself to zippers...if you haven't sewn one yet. Super easy !You will need a zipper (I used 9 inch) and two pieces of fabric cut to the length of your zipper---width is your choice, mine is 4 inches)Lay … [Read more...]

Sew a Camera Strap cover


I have been thinking of buying on of these cute camera strap covers...but first I had to see if I could make one first....and so I did :)Start by measuring your strap...You will need:2 pieces of fabric 3 by 21 3/4 piece of fusible fleece (18 by 1.5)2 pieces of narrow elastic 1 3/4 longsewing machinesafety pinIron flat the sides and ends of both … [Read more...]

You can sew a halter top


Congrats to Deborah (number 14) who won the three sisterz giveaway!!!!Can you cut a straight line? Can you sew a straight stitch? You can sew this...If you have never used a pattern before this is a great one to start with. You only need 3 pattern pieces for this halter top. You will need this pattern....McCalls 5419 ( pattern sizes run … [Read more...]

Simple Headband


I made some of these headbands....great use of some scrap fabric!You will need 4 inches of elastic, 2 pieces of fabric 3 inches by 15 inches, sewing machineCut fabric, place right sides together with piece of elastic inside...Sew all three right sides together.....turn rightside out by pulling the elastic through the opposite end...fold in the … [Read more...]

Pretend Play…


This is one of those projects I wish I would have thought of about 7 years ago----when MY kids could have used it. They would have LOVED this!is it a puppet theater? is it a store front? is it an indoor lemonade stand??who knows what they will think up---I love that about it!A simple tension rod along with a few fabric scraps....makes for … [Read more...]

Great little neck sew!


I recently found this amazing blog The Project Corner....and fell in LOVE with this scarf. I had to recreate!! She said it took 5 minutes...and she wasn't lying! WOW --great to give to everyone on your Christmas list this year!Here are the steps...Cut a piece of fleece 4 inches by 26 inches.On the ends...make a 45 degree angle and cut off … [Read more...]

New Video tutorial—Making a Ereader Cover


Check out the new Youtube --How to sew and ereader cover! Nook cover- Youtube Sharing at Todays Creative Blog Be inspired to be clever! Thanks for reading! Please consider visiting me on Facebook, Twitter and pinterest! Fun things shared in between post! … [Read more...]

My little Angel….easiest costume ever!


My little peanut is a little angel....most of the time (she paid me to say that...) seriously--she is a fabulous kid (as is Conner...I need to post about him, he is starting to get annoyed....actually I don't think he realizes yet that I am blogging)  She decided to be an angel for Halloween.... So here is what we came up with. Nevermind the … [Read more...]