No sew Pillow cover from a Sweater


I’ll be back next week some some #clevermoving updates…today…a fun craft! Hope you had a beautiful weekend!   I can promise you ….I am not the first person to think of this project. If you search out new use for an old sweater…you are sure to come up with a ton of inspiration. But when I stumbled across these sweet “beachy” sweaters at … [Read more...]

Skirt from a shirt (repurpose men’s shirt)


Say that 5 times fast….hey….stop swearing at me….ok moving on….I recently cleaned out a few things in our closet. A couple of my hubs shirts were still in great condition….they were just a bit over sized for him. I made a few into my fancy camera strap…and my daughter wanted to use the another shirt to make a skirt. It turned out really cute so we … [Read more...]

DIY Necklace Travel Case


This idea is kind of genius. It isn’t mine….so I am not calling myself genius. When I went to Haven last summer…one of my roommates Chelsea pulled out this rolled up placement. As she unrolled it…all of her long necklaces were just laying there…all untangled..and perfect. I thought…now that is a great idea. It took me this long to make one for … [Read more...]

Simple no sew drapery panels


Hey all! Happy Friday! And Happy Derby weekend. Don’t forget to cheer on the horses on Saturday:) I told you a few weeks back about our solution for hanging the drapery panels…but I wanted to show you just how easy these were to make. I loved this fabric by Waverly (Williamsburg collection) It was the perfect color and style for this craft … [Read more...]

A year of good….


I kept seeing this idea pop up on Facebook this past week and I loved the idea. A year full of good. It can be done many different ways…a jar, a basket, a pocket… a journal…I thought something hanging on the wall is best for our house. A place of it’s own…to not be moved or shoved into a drawer…and it would remind us to use it. The idea is to … [Read more...]

How to sew a simple cape


I’m not kidding when I tell you I made this last winter….and I am just now getting to tell you about it. I waited too long to write the post …and then it was past the season--- so I thought I would wait until this fall. This project is a fabulous beginner sewing project. Straight stitch…nothing too fancy…and it can be made to fit anyone. I made … [Read more...]

New clutches in the shop…20% off for my readers


Hi all!! I have had the sewing itch lately and I created some new clutches for my etsy shop! I shared them yesterday on Facebook and Twitter…but with some of the FB changes I am not sure how many of you all are seeing my updates. Apparently you may have to “like” my page again and click “show in newsfeed” if you want to see my facebook post. Here … [Read more...]

Update: How to sew a clutch and finish it


Hi all!! Hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to pop in and share a little update on a past post I did about making your own clutch purse.... A long while back I made a Youtube about how to sew a clutch purse. It has been viewed over 25,000 times. Y’all like the clutch purse…a lot. I have also had many questions about … [Read more...]

Sew a custom Coverlet


I still walk in my daughter’s new room and smile. I would have loved this room when I was her age! It is such a fun hangout space! When we were looking for a comforter we came up short. There wasn’t much out there…besides zebra print. And neither of us really wanted that. I stumbled upon a fabulous tent sale at a local fabric store. This fabric was … [Read more...]

Custom length curtains for less

custom length curtains for less

I recently shared this over at CSI project and I wanted you to see it too.  Here is a super easy way to make an inexpensive store bought curtain look a lot more custom. I bought these curtains on clearance at Target. I think they were maybe $7 each. The only trouble was they were about 18 inches too short. My solution was to buy one yard of … [Read more...]