Painted brick Ranch House


Not too long ago I told you about a project that I am working on with our builder/friend. I wanted to show how amazing her home looks now that it is painted. It will never cease to amaze me what the power of paint can accomplish. This home is now the show house on the street. The greenery pops against the creamy yellow and the gray door makes it … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Shower


Guess what!!! My dad has been given the all clear to go to the beach! His Dr had him do a few test....all came back cancer present! Praise God:) He will be having another surgery on his bladder in May to basically begin to heal his bladder from the inside. We are beyond thankful and relieved. Thank you so much for all your kind emails … [Read more...]

#clevermoving Monday: Tips for Electrical Planning in a New Home


Hey all! This weekend there was a weird yellow ball of goodness high in the sky...people call it the "sun"...oh my it was nice to see it! I hope you had some tastes of spring where you live! Starting a fun new series today.... #clevermoving Monday:) The house we have purchased is already started….we skipped by all the boring all the foundation, … [Read more...]

Painting a Prefinished Hardwood Floor: Part 2 (video)


Now that your hardwood is cleaned and taped off…you are ready to get painting. I made a video of the entire process. I would encourage you to watch the whole thing before you begin. There are a bunch of tips and tricks that will make this project really easy for you. Here are the materials that you will need for this project: High quality 3 … [Read more...]

would I dare…


Happy Friday yall! And happy Labor Day hard to believe September is already here. I hope yall don't think I have lost my marbles after reading today's post........ I read a post the other day….Emily Clark had posted about a letter she received from a very brave woman named Esther. Esther was lamenting about how worn down and ugly … [Read more...]

Top Hits Revisited: DIY Refinishing Stairs


Back in the day….3 years ago or so…I had read an article online. This girl Sarah….had refinished her stairs…all by herself. I read the “article” about 5 times. Not realizing that I was reading a blog post…that would change everything. I had been a DIYer my whole life….but I wasn’t documenting it. Sarah introduced me to this amazing new world that … [Read more...]

Creating an egress window in a basement: Part one


Please excuse the really poor pictures….most were taken on my cellphone but the setting was low-res…so they are a bit fuzzy. I wanted to give you an update to the guest bedroom in the basement project. We had an egress window installed a few weeks back. There was a few snags in the window sizing ….so a new window was installed on Thursday last … [Read more...]

Change of course…

I tend to over analyze things. Especially when it comes to money being spent on our house. We have been talking about a front porch for about a year…we have met with a builder to discuss the plans…we have checked with our neighborhood association about any restrictions…we are pretty much set to go forward. There has been this little voice in my … [Read more...]

Office/Craft Room Reveal


It is kind of like giving birth….taking a room from blah to ahhhhh….that is the only way to describe it. It is always a process writing a post like this. Recalling all the things I have already shared…and trying to remember what I haven’t shared. Bare with me ;) I will be talking about this space for many weeks to come….but I wanted to reward you … [Read more...]

White wash Pine Hardwood flooring


Sometimes….ok…all the time…I mention something to my honey and he looks at me and thinks…”where do you come up with these ideas…”…then I say things like and pinterest…and house beautiful..and such…and he says…”if you like it I am sure I will too…”. He’s a gem…a real peach…wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in China (even though I am not a … [Read more...]