Chatbook: favorite new app


Hey guys! Have you seen this buzzfeed video? I woke up to it this am...and I have been giggling ever since....If you want a laugh click play...too funny! Wanted to share a recent obsession with you. I’m a sucker for a good photo book…as much as I am a sucker for a good instagram. This new app Chatbook marries my two loves…and makes it super … [Read more...]

How to use picmonkey to create your christmas cards (diy christmas cards)


Yall full? Turkey overload? Here is a great activity to get those Christmas cards done and done! Easier than you think….promise. And no…these aren’t my Christmas cards…this was a card I just did to show you how easy it is to create your own one of a kind Chrismas card. I use Picmonkey every day. It is how I place text on all my blog post. I love … [Read more...]

DIY photo booth using your dslr camera


My dad takes pictures….and he has hundreds of thousands to prove it. Every holiday…every occasion…he has his camera out and ready to go. This DIY photo booth is a spin off of the tradition of taking family pictures at the holidays. So I thought… the entertaining season upon us…and family and friends coming in and out of our house….this would be a … [Read more...]

Back to School Tree Picture


Incase you missed it…here and here….this is the traditional “back to school” picture that we take every year. I recently came across the picture of my kids helping to plant this tree….sigh….. 8th grade….#holycow…I remember this picture vividly. Hubs and I laughing at ourselves thinkin we are qualified to be planting a tree. This little … [Read more...]

How to take pictures with sparklers (writing with light)


Well happy Friday friends! I wish all the Mothers out there a fabulous and relaxing Mother's Day! Just a quick note about the Traveling Art piece....I know that Marian has the artwork right now. She is in the middle of her super crazy weekend at Luckett's right now. I will keep you posted on that. Katie is chompin at the bit to get her hands on … [Read more...]

DIY leather Camera Strap


Happy weekend friends! Little side note...a few were asking about the Banana Oatmeal bread...I failed to add the chocolate chips in the recipe but I have since updated it. Sorry about that:) And someone had asked about adding raisins instead...I would think that would be great too! On to a fun stylish craft today.... When I saw this leather … [Read more...]

How to make a coloring page from a photo


Hi friends:) We got a lot done this weekend in my office. I have a new way to hang window panels...and it is so unique! I promise I will show you soon. The room is just about ready for the camera:) Today I wanted to share another fun way to use your family photos....make them into a coloring page. I even included a printable at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

DIY photo backdrops


Well, our new white pine wide plank floors are laid and they are gorgeous! Sanding was almost finished today...and our house smells like a "Carolina pine forest..." (name that commercial). Any who, we are in love! They are so stunning and perfect for our bedroom and my office. I have been sharing some pics on Facebook and Instagram...and I will … [Read more...]

5 easy tricks to styling a better photograph


Hey we made it to the weekend….all I have to say is Downton better pick me up on Sunday….I wasn’t happy….#nospoilershere…Any who…sometimes I get some questions about photography and I wanted to give you a few tips that work for me. I am not a professional by any means….but I have experience and these are tricks that work when photographing people, … [Read more...]



Have I told you this I adore Instagram? Yes....I do..:) The photographer in me....shines :) … [Read more...]