Did you know….


Warning: super random thoughts ahead….   There is this app…called Red Herring….it is like a category matching game that is completely addicting and actually a good brain game. Try it!   My bff since the beginning of time….turned 40 on May 1st. Her hubs (who is up for husband of the year) was flying us BOTH to the beach house in NC … [Read more...]

Goldilocks and the 40 showings…


Once upon a time, there was a lovely house on a beautiful street. Every house on the street was filled with families who loved being neighbors on their quiet little street in one of the top school districts in the state. It was a place where kids bounced balls, rode bikes, drank lemonade and had great fun all the time. Where families take care of … [Read more...]



I have told you of my love for the University of Dayton before…..and if you have followed any of the NCAA tournament this year (can you believe it?!?!?!)…you can see why I love UD so much. It is where I grew up. I left home…traveled 7 hours south…with only one friend from high school by my side (ok…my brother was also there…he was two years ahead … [Read more...]


This past month has been a blur. Lots going on here….some really good and some not so good. We have lots of really fun adventures ahead of us. I have had some trouble finding the words lately for this little blog. That happens sometimes…so I just remain patient and let it roll. Truth is….my creativity has been a bit trapped lately. My dad was … [Read more...]



Another title for this post…”Complete Brain Dump…”   So several months back…we started to get some flyers here and there…from realtors interested in our house. It happens often around the street where we live. We are in a top school district, our street is a large cul-de-sac, and there are no less that 49 kids that are under the age of … [Read more...]

work with what ya got…


Roadblocks. Change of plans. The road less traveled. Roll with it. Leave it. Let it go. This too shall pass. These are the mantras that have been tossing in my head for the past few days. Things don’t always go as you planned…because guess what…you have no clue what the plan is. This post could be about the weather…and how this winter is hitting us … [Read more...]

dear winter….you win


White flag…flying high over here….You win Mother…..Winter (what did you think I was gonna say…keepin it clean my friends…)   I don’t want to make any more snow ice cream, angels or igloos (no….I haven’t…just sayin…) I love the snowy white pretty pictures in early December…and even sometimes in early January…but you have given me more … [Read more...]

A day in the Life: CleverlyInspired


We are all home again today..thank you polar vortex (insert sarcasm here). I had this post ready to go....but obviously my day looks a lot different from this today. When my kids are home I tend to project more than write....but here is a general snapshot of a typical day... What do you do all day? How many hours do you work? What is blogging … [Read more...]

super randomness ahead….


I don’t thing Greek yogurt has any place in a pancake. There I said it. Pancakes in their original pancake-ness are an essential breakfast pastry that shouldn’t be altered. I can see it now….years from now kids in therapy because of the Greek yogurt pancakes (I'm jokin....)  I am all for eating healthy…but don’t go messin with my pancake. I’d … [Read more...]

time freezing….


My twins turn 14 today (and tomorrow….they were split at midnight:)   Last week in the bitter cold temperatures we tried an experiment. We mixed up a homemade bubble solution, went out in the 0 degree cold, and blew bubbles to see if they would freeze.   At first, they just flew away with the wind…until we got smart … [Read more...]