dear winter….you win


White flag…flying high over here….You win Mother…..Winter (what did you think I was gonna say…keepin it clean my friends…)   I don’t want to make any more snow ice cream, angels or igloos (no….I haven’t…just sayin…) I love the snowy white pretty pictures in early December…and even sometimes in early January…but you have given me more … [Read more...]

A day in the Life: CleverlyInspired


We are all home again today..thank you polar vortex (insert sarcasm here). I had this post ready to go....but obviously my day looks a lot different from this today. When my kids are home I tend to project more than write....but here is a general snapshot of a typical day... What do you do all day? How many hours do you work? What is blogging … [Read more...]

super randomness ahead….


I don’t thing Greek yogurt has any place in a pancake. There I said it. Pancakes in their original pancake-ness are an essential breakfast pastry that shouldn’t be altered. I can see it now….years from now kids in therapy because of the Greek yogurt pancakes (I'm jokin....)  I am all for eating healthy…but don’t go messin with my pancake. I’d … [Read more...]

time freezing….


My twins turn 14 today (and tomorrow….they were split at midnight:)   Last week in the bitter cold temperatures we tried an experiment. We mixed up a homemade bubble solution, went out in the 0 degree cold, and blew bubbles to see if they would freeze.   At first, they just flew away with the wind…until we got smart … [Read more...]

Carolina Beach…


We usually start the new year out with some sort of project….and this year is no different. The only difference is….we aren’t actually doing the work. I briefly told you about the new adventures we are on this past October. We bought a little beach house in the coastal town of Carolina Beach, NC. The house is in great condition…with new bamboo … [Read more...]

10 tips for getting dinner on the table


New Year. Fresh start. Sometimes we make resolutions around this time of year....getting dinner on the table might be on your list. I wanted to give you some ideas to help. I am only sharing things that work for hopes that it will help you too. I get it. You’re busy….places to go…people to see…kids to be carted….but dinner is important. … [Read more...]

you know….


A few musings….   …you know those mornings when you are slow to getting started and you find yourself wasting 15 minutes on buzzfeed reading an article about celebrity bff’s…’s important information for dinner parties…right!?!?   …when you take half the things out of the dishwasher before realizing it wasn’t turned on…..   … [Read more...]

Time for A Vacation yet?


    Merry Christmas!! Want to plan a getaway….like now?!?! :) My dad was in international sales. So he traveled a bunch when I was growing up. He would normally come home Thursday night for the weekend. When I got to be a bit older he didn’t have to travel quite as much..but when he did..he went far…like to Toyko and … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I know that many of you are dreaming of warmer days already…and winter has really just begun. You may be starting to plan a trip down south somewhere….and I wanted to give you a few reasons why I think … [Read more...]

My Holiday House Tour and a bit-o-blog stuff


My mission remains the same….share clever ideas that inspire you to be clever in your home. Blogging has given me so many amazing gifts….that I really never considered when I first began this little blog over 3 years ago. I didn’t start it to get rich, I didn’t start it to be featured in any magazine, I didn’t start it to be anything other than … [Read more...]