Our Dayton Flyers almost made it into the sweet 16 again…almost. We went to watch them play on Friday in Columbus…they won Friday but lost last night to #3 seed Oklahoma. A pre party sponsored by the University was held before the game. Live band…beer & food. UD Flyers hold a very unique passion about their school and teams. Our kids haven’t … [Read more...]



When you bring them home…all you want to do is smell their heads and never put them down...You go in checking...triple checking. Yep...still breathing...and watching them sleep becomes your favorite form of entertainment. Sleep is all you talk about…when did they sleep, how did they sleep, when do they go to sleep again…. And then they start … [Read more...]

My favorite things giveaway


Well,  it’s that time again….no…. not time to run around in your undies in the middle of the street in winter time like you're back in college (#thingsyoudoincollegeandprayyourkidsdon’t)  It's time for favorite things give away! I have  rounded up a few of my most fav things and I am going to give all of them to ONE LUCKY READER! I just want to say … [Read more...]

Charity Home Playhouse ideas


A while back I shared with you a ranch house that belongs to woman named Dawn I came in contact with through my builder. Her house was in need of some updating on the exterior so I helped pick out some exterior colors and her house looks fresh and new now! It made such a difference to the outside…so warm and inviting now just like the people who … [Read more...]

JoAnna Gaines’s Hair: my weak attempt at a hair tutorial


So what was your favorite commercial last night? I thought they were all a bit of a downer. I did like the BMW commercial with Katie Couric....so funny to think that was just 21 years ago...they were trying to figure out how email would work.  It was actually a fairly exciting game! I am excited to share with you a fun playhouse project I am … [Read more...]



Joanne Gaines…Fixer Upper girl….how does she do her hair? It’s not  beach waves…it's not a ringlet…it's just perfect soft flowy curls. And when she pulls it back... it's even more perfect?! I want to know her secret stat!   source: HGTV A wee bit obsessed with the Sons of Liberty mini series on the history channel. Did you catch it? I'm … [Read more...]

10 ways to help your teen reduce stress


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wrigley Jr. Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. This post has been in my draft file for a while now. My kids recently experienced their first round of exams in high school just this past month. I was urging them to find some strategies that help them to deal with stress when it comes … [Read more...]

Monday musings….


What a great weekend here! Halloween night was a blustery winter-like evening. Our kiddos both had friends over for the night…and they walked to grab dinner. Hubs and I were perfectly comfy sitting in and having pizza by the fire. It actually snowed on Halloween! In Kentucky! Crazy weather! Nothing stuck to the ground…but still…. The weekend … [Read more...]

What to wear with leggings….covering thy Bum…


Hey yall! Hope your weekend was a good one:) We had a busy one...but still got some time in for a fire outside. What beautiful weather we had! Looks like we have a great renter for the lakehouse. A nice couple reached out and asked if we would be interested in renting it...after looking into it with our CPA and Insurance...along with their … [Read more...]

20 Unique Dog Names


Naming a dog takes as much consideration as a baby. You are going to be repeating it often…plus when people lean down to pet your sweet little pup that is the first question they will ask…”oh so sweet…what is her name?” So we did some research and we ended up finding some pretty cool and unique names. We ended up naming our new golden pup Stella. … [Read more...]