5 for the road


FRIDAY!!! Whoot!! Try to soak up these last weekends of summer. My bff is traveling in town today on this….They are making there way to the Grand Canyon from Philadelphia. I know right! What an adventure! I am so pumped that they are stopping here first:) (I will be calling them Griswold all weekend...yes I will)     So I … [Read more...]

Lakehouse at Barren River


Okay…first of all you guys kind of totally rock…You and your sweet words were the vitamins to my writer's brain on Friday. Feeling kind of overwhelmed and underinspired..which I probably have said almost every July for the past 5 July’s... and a few of you left such sweet comments that really made my day! I think that the challenge with blogging … [Read more...]

reentry is hard….


Hey all! Back at the homestead….switching gears a bit…and that always takes a bit of time. Great summer fun here so far this year….it isn’t over yet though! We are going to soak every last bit in! My bff  and her fam is traveling via luxury motorhome from Philly to the Grand Canyon (and lots of places in between:) Their first stop is here!! … [Read more...]

Dad’s Day


Hubs and I started dating in our Sophomore year of college. The first time he came home with me to meet my family was in February during a school break. He was so nervous to meet my dad. A normal occurrence during most courtships….meeting the Father of an “only daughter” family….some nerves are natural. They immediately hit it off….both … [Read more...]

start to summer…


Hey all! We had a great week at the beach. My hubby was able to stay for half the week and the remainder of the week I spent with my nephew and bubs. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with them and also not hanging out with them....reading my books, sitting on the beach...listening to just the waves...it was a bit of a retreat for … [Read more...]

goodbye Madmen


  The pageantry of Mad Men will come to a close this Sunday. Oh boy am I going to miss the show. I started watching on Netflix about 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I don't know if it is the incredible set design… the costumes that are so on point to the decade of the characters or if it is the characters that you really do … [Read more...]

things my mother taught me….


  Respect yourself so that others will do the same. Spending time alone is not awful. You don’t always need to be where “everyone else” is. Everyone can have a bad day…even a good mother. Life is full of challenges but there's always someone somewhere that has a challenge that's heavier than yours. Always listen to yourself first … [Read more...]

Unique Gifts for Mom & Summer reading


  Hey yall! We made it to Friday! I have had a productive week but nothing really that I can share with you… at least right now. I was browsing on Etsy a few nights this week and came up with a few things to share…all of these Mother's Day gifts are all thoughtful priced very reasonably. Unique gifts that are personal always … [Read more...]



We rarely took a spring vacation when I was growing up. It didn't seem like many people did actually. When I was in high school we lived in Wisconsin so to travel anywhere south/warm you were going to be in the car for at least 24 hours. I don't remember ever being bummed about it. It forced my brothers and I to hang out…like going bowling … [Read more...]



Our Dayton Flyers almost made it into the sweet 16 again…almost. We went to watch them play on Friday in Columbus…they won Friday but lost last night to #3 seed Oklahoma. A pre party sponsored by the University was held before the game. Live band…beer & food. UD Flyers hold a very unique passion about their school and teams. Our kids haven’t … [Read more...]