Farmhouse Laundry Room : #homearamahouse15

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get this post up yesterday….I am learning how to walk a 2 year old dog and a puppy. If you see me walking…just shake head and move on….I look like a show at the circus—but I..err WE are getting better everyday! Chloe has been such a great addition to our family. Stella is doing great with her. The first day or so Stella would “put her in her place” a bit….but has loosened up and now they are having fun playing. We have noticed that our yard seems to have shrunk…;)

Wanted to continue on with the last few rooms in the Homearama house. I hope that you all are enjoying the house tour. I know it was months ago but I am just now getting to all of the pictures that I wanted to eventually share with you all. If you’re just now joining us you can look back on all of the other rooms that I have shared in this house. This home is still available for sale and does qualify for a geothermal tax credit until the end of this year. So if you are local and you are looking to move into Norton Commons make sure you contact the Builder Mark Simpson and he would be happy to give you a private tour.

farmhouse laundry room @cleverlyinspired (5)

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Homemade Samoa Granola

Hey yall….well if you were following along this weekend on instagram you know that my weekend was full of puppy goodness. We had a ball with Chloe this weekend! We picked her up on Friday around noon….Stella came with us too. Our friend Trisha from Forest Glen Goldens was thrilled to see Stella and have her romp with Stella’s pop, Solei and her mama Savannah. Chloe has been such a fun addition—and puppy breath is heavenly;)

homemade samoa granola @cleverlyinspired (5)

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5 for the road: I’m ready for some football

I am ready…are you ready? Is there anything better than projecting in the garage, hot coffee in hand…on a crisp fall day with football on the radio in the background? I think not. I couldn’t live in a city that doesn’t have a Fall. It is probably my favorite:) This weekend we are going to a large college fair on Saturday…apparently I have 2 kids that are headed to college in 1.5 years….that’s what people tell me—I may or may not be in complete denial. Hope you have a fun productive weekend planned….wanted to pop in and share a few fun finds.….


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#homearamahouse15 Bathroom designs

Hey yall! I have been trying to get a bunch of stuff finished up around the house….Chloe comes home tomorrow…so basically I will have a newborn again:) We are all very excited for little miss Chloe to join our brood. Been working on a few last minute projects here and there and also getting ready for a craft show that I signed up to do this fall. I will be selling clutches and other handmade gifts (most priced under $10! ) I hope to see some of you there! I will let you know the details as it gets closer:)

Wanted to continue the Homearama house tour today. If you are just now catching this you can see all the post on the sidebar Homearama tag. I thought I would lump all the other bathrooms together….

This home has a total of 3.5 bathrooms. The powder room is right off the main hallway leading back to the master suite.

bathroom design @cleverlyinspired (1)

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