DIY floating shelves with charging stand

Hey yall! How was the weekend?? We had a great time doing not much:) It was too hot for me to start pulling out the fall decorations…booooo…. I am so itchin for a crisp morning. We did look at a few open houses on Sunday. Yes, you heard that right….open houses. We are just seeing what might be out there….starting to miss our yard a little—especially with 2 pups running around. Most likely we  will stay put…but we are open to possibilities;)

diy floating shelf charging stand @cleverlyinspired (8)

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College Girl’s Cool and Modern Bedroom

I am sorry that my post have been really sporadic lately….lots going on here these past few weeks. I have been working on several design jobs for some new clients…my bubs was in a car accident after having his license just one week (not his fault…he was rear ended and his car is totaled…oy), and other projects in the air—-so I haven’t sat down at my desk to write much this week. I am hoping to write more this weekend and share more soon;)

I wanted to share with you this design board for a new client. She has 2 daughters and one is in college. She asked my help to pull together a funky, cool, modern but soft and feminine room. I love the colors that are shown here…all very chill and ready to relax.

cleverlyinspired design plan

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Farmhouse Laundry Room : #homearamahouse15

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get this post up yesterday….I am learning how to walk a 2 year old dog and a puppy. If you see me walking…just shake head and move on….I look like a show at the circus—but I..err WE are getting better everyday! Chloe has been such a great addition to our family. Stella is doing great with her. The first day or so Stella would “put her in her place” a bit….but has loosened up and now they are having fun playing. We have noticed that our yard seems to have shrunk…;)

Wanted to continue on with the last few rooms in the Homearama house. I hope that you all are enjoying the house tour. I know it was months ago but I am just now getting to all of the pictures that I wanted to eventually share with you all. If you’re just now joining us you can look back on all of the other rooms that I have shared in this house. This home is still available for sale and does qualify for a geothermal tax credit until the end of this year. So if you are local and you are looking to move into Norton Commons make sure you contact the Builder Mark Simpson and he would be happy to give you a private tour.

farmhouse laundry room @cleverlyinspired (5)

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Homemade Samoa Granola

Hey yall….well if you were following along this weekend on instagram you know that my weekend was full of puppy goodness. We had a ball with Chloe this weekend! We picked her up on Friday around noon….Stella came with us too. Our friend Trisha from Forest Glen Goldens was thrilled to see Stella and have her romp with Stella’s pop, Solei and her mama Savannah. Chloe has been such a fun addition—and puppy breath is heavenly;)

homemade samoa granola @cleverlyinspired (5)

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