#homearamahouse15 Family Room

Hey there! How was your weekend? It was a scorcher here…thankfully I was inside this lovely air conditioned house most of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by to say hello:) Hard to believe that summer is more than half way over….we start up school again August 12th. I was hoping to get to the beach […]

Small Beach House Bathroom

Hey all! Hope your weekend was a success! Homearama opened up on Saturday to rave reviews. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and saying hello! Meeting some “blog fans” in person was a hug thrill for me. I loved hearing your stories about your favorite post and your reviews of the home. Thank […]

10 Unique Ceiling Ideas

Hope your 4th was full of fun and fireworks. Our poor Stella girl was not a fan of all the booms and cracks in the sky all weekend.She’s thrilled that it’s over. Wrapping up Homearama house this week into next….we are on the home stretch! Hubs and I are sneaking away to the beach house […]


warning….super randomness ahead…. Summer post are sketchy at best—those readers who have been with me for the past 7 years (hold moly cannoli—7 years of blogging…I’m ancient….anywho) know that I post when I can post….I worry a lot less about any sort of schedule—and this summer is no different. I am slowing down…enjoying the pace […]

Beach house update…

Hope your summer is off to a great start! My kiddos are working and having fun….and spending much too much time on electronics. I have instituted gin rummy on the nights we are all just hanging out….what do you do in your house to curb the electronics? Seems like many of us struggle with that […]

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