Can you have two different hardwoods in your home?


I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. We had a great Mother's day celebration with our families. So blessed to all be together! I wanted to talk a little today about why we chose different hardwood for our upstairs...from what we already have downstairs. Here is my thoughts on it... Can you have two kinds of hardwood in your home?? I would say … [Read more...]

Like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day…


One of my most favorite bloggers out there is Mandy from Vintage Revivals. Her style is completely unique and always makes me smile. If you haven’t visited her blog…go check it out. You will be there for hours. She is calling all readers to write about how they want there house to feel…. Here is what I think about our house… “It’s a little … [Read more...]

Kitchen Update on a Budget and what did it cost me


I am soooooo very excited to show you the kitchen!!! I cannot tell you how much difference some paint and new lighting makes in a space! It feel like we added a window too…light just pours in! Ok…I’ll shut up and get on with the eye candy we all want to see….. Let me jog your memory….. Amazing right?!?! I know!! We painted the walls a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Update Sneak Peek


I literally walk in and smile everyday…it is such a happy space! The kitchen update is almost ready….I wanted to share with you a few pictures of the space. We are updating the lighting---just need to make a few cord covers for them. I know you all are excited to see. Everything has really come together so nicely. The cabinets have been painted … [Read more...]

How to take out a small wall (pantry) plus a little kitchen update!


Let's just say we know our limits. Taking out a matter how not something we were comfortable doing. We have a fabulous handy man. He has finished 2 basements for us...and built us a deck on our last house. He is trustworthy and timely and just an all around great guy. If you are local to Louisville I can give you his number. He … [Read more...]

Inspiration board for the kitchen update


When we built our house back in 2004...cherry wood and dark floors were all the rage. We were excited to get to pick all the things that we love. Dark stained cabinets (they are actually Maple wood, stained cherry)...tropic brown granite...stainless steel appliances...dark walnut floor. It all looks very good together and it is a very complete … [Read more...]

A solution for a small pantry….


You know that I have lamented to you about the kitchen.....I really do love it....I just need a little change. One of the first projects of the year will be to take out this pantry.... It really is a bad excuse for a pantry. The door is too small...the access to the top shelf is fits stuff but yet it's hard to get to.   I … [Read more...]

A Thankful Table

DSC_0033's almost turkey time!!! My most favorite meal of the year! I love to set the scene in my dining room. I came up with something that is a bit out of the box for a decoration this year. I love it because there are SOOOO many will understand when you see what I used. And better yet....FREE....yeap...FREE!! Fist pump in the … [Read more...]

Kitchen table out…Coffee bar in…


Now open...Coffee and Wine bar....Have you ever re-thought your spaces? I mean like---why have a kitchen table in the kitchen---kind of thinking? Isn't it funny...sometimes--actually most times...we just place furniture in a room...because that is what is "supposed" to go in there. I got to thinkin one day....why do we only use our Dining room … [Read more...]

Garage Entry Makeover


Is it just our house...or do most of your friends and family come in the garage door entry? No one uses our front door...and we like it that way. Our garage door is just easier..the kids playing ball in the driveway or riding is easy access. The "entry" was very very lacking...of ANY kind of style. So one Sunday I was out to change … [Read more...]