Farmhouse Dining Table with Extensions


I told you all last week about the table situation in our dining area. We were able to bring home our new handcrafted table late last week and we are completely loving it! It fits the space so much better than the other table. We got it locally from a woodworker in Taylorsville, Kentucky. I found him at a local peddler's mall and took his business … [Read more...]

Unique Chandeliers for Family room


Thank you so much for all the excitement about the horseshoe panel holders. It really makes me so happy when I share something with you that you get excited about also. It's fun to think out of the box like that and share ideas that not only become part of your space but also become part of your conversations. Those are the things that I think make … [Read more...]

The Paint Colors in our home


Oh I could just kiss you all! Thanks for the sweet comments about my Office truly made my weekend. Thank  you thank you thank you...and feel free to keep sharing it. I will posting several more ideas from that space...much more coming up soon. A few blogs that I read recently did post on the colors of their homes. I thought it was … [Read more...]

Double Doors for the Entry


It is like Christmas all over again…our gorgeous double doors have arrived! They were installed on Saturday. It was supposed to rain all weekend….but we lucked out with 60 degrees and cloudy….perfect for installing a new door in the middle of January.  To review a bit…I told you about our grand master plan for the front of the house. We … [Read more...]

Holiday decorating in the Kitchen


Sometimes…I get something stuck in my mind. ok…all the time…I get something stuck in my head… Like red and white. I heart those colors together at Christmas. I screams tradition…well…more whispers…but you know what I mean. I loved dressing my white cabinets for Christmas….here is what I pulled together… Fa la la la la…la la la … [Read more...]

Painted Brick Houses: Our inspiration ideas


Warning: if you are a “painted brick hater” you may want to carry on…and read another post ;) This post is all about painted brick houses. We have lived in our house for about 8 years now….and every since we have lived here we have wanted painted brick. We didn’t do it when we built…because we also loved the look of natural brick…and the budget … [Read more...]

How to paint cultured marble tub surround


I kind of left you hangin….in my master bath. Sorry about that….I replaced the countertops with some cool vintage old shutters. We are still diggin those (although we may upgrade those soon too...) The paint has held up fabulously…really really nice. But I have been wanting to do something about the cultured marble that surrounds the tub. My … [Read more...]

Sofa shopping…..


We are in the middle of switching out and buying new family room furniture. I've had my eye on several brands and stores and have landed on a few pieces at Macy's. I had fallen in love with this a sofa in the Martha Stewart collection called Saybridge. The tufted sofa is classic...elegant and always in style. We ended up going with a different … [Read more...]

Do you need a kitchen table? Coffeebar in kitchen (kitchen design)


Do you remember last year…..and I told you about my crazy idea to NOT have a kitchen table in my kitchen? (Here is that post) Well, I just wanted to give you an update on this space….we have come to cherish. It is the favorite spot in our house. At the end of the day….(when it becomes a wine bar;) we sit and catch up…during the school year … [Read more...]

Bedroom turned into an Office: Reveal


This project started out as just a “space for Bill to do a little work from home”…turned into meaning a whole lot more. When the peanut moved from her old room (which is now the office) into the guest room….it made for a few changes. We moved her into the guest space and decorated it to suit her. (here is that post) and within about a week…Bill had … [Read more...]