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DIY Necklace Holder

Hey yall! Happy Wednesday! Before I forget….I am sharing a fun fall treat over at Jen’s today that is a great option for preschool snack day:) Go check it out! And if you are here visiting from Tatertots and Jello…welcome! I am thrilled you are here….be sure to sign up to follow me on your favorite social channel:)

This technically isn’t really  a DIY…even though it is DIY….the only thing DIY about it is a few spray painted S hooks…..but when coming up with a title for a post you have to think about the person who is looking to search out “necklace holders”… so this one totally qualifies:) (holy run on sentence:) I found this large iron rack thingy at Homegoods….pretty sure it’s original intent was just to hang pretty on a wall…but I thought it would make a fabulous necklace holder. It fits perfectly in between the mirrors in the master bathroom. All I needed was 3 packages of small S hooks…some jewelry chain and a bit of wire. It holds all my necklaces and some earrings too…I love how it came out!


DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (8)


I see similar grates often in Target or TJ Maxx…look around for one that has lots of cross angles for you to place some S hooks. I found the S hooks at Lowes….and I sprayed them robins egg blue….just to dress them up a bit.

DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (4)



I used some jewelry chain from Michael’s on the way bottom…secured it with silver wire….it is a perfect spot for dangling earrings….


DIY necklace holder@cleverlyinspired (2)

Easy to see…easy to grab….plus pretty to look at….:)


DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (11)



DIY necklace holder@cleverlyinspired (1)

The rest of the space….as it is today;)DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (7)


DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (10)


DIY necklace holder @cleverlyinspired (9)

Good luck in your search!


Repurposed Ladder into Office Organizer

You know that I would never pass up an old, beat up, done-it’s-time wooden ladder. I have had this one for several years. It was the best $25 I have ever spent…..I adore it.  It was leaning against the wall in my new office area since we moved in….as if it was just waiting for a new purpose….”please, use me again!” Well little ladder…your wish has been granted….and I love you even more now….


repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (8)

Obviously you will need a fabulous old wood ladder. You may be lucky enough to score one at a flea market or garage sale. I found mine a few years back at a local consignment store. You may be able to make one too…easy enough construction really…just some scrap wood…


repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (1)

Simple “L” brackets will secure it to the wall…use some drywall bolts if you don’t have studs available behind the wall.

repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (2)

I used simple white hooks to hang all my accessories….so flippin handy! I screwed in total of 14 hooks…plenty of storage for all my pencils, markers, scissors, rulers…etc. I used containers that resemble mason jars to hold the markers and pencils. This container is actually a lighting cover (find it in the lighting section with the glass replacement pieces.) You could use a mason jar….but these have a nice lip on them for the wire to stay put….


repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (10)

I used some 20 gauge wire to secure the containers to the hooks….

repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (6)


repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (5)


A few decorative items make it look a bit dressier….hang up whatever you would like to look at everyday:)


repurposed old ladder office organizer @cleverlyinspired (3)

I used hooks in my previous office too….along with some dowel rods….see that post here



Do you have any old ladders laying around? Go getter girls! :)


#ListerineDesign : Ideas for Stylish Bathroom Storage

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Popping in to share some stylish ways to dress up your bath while also adding great storage. My pals over at Listerine wanted to share their stylish new chevron bottles that are too pretty to put in a cabinet and I thought it would be a great time to look at some other great ideas to “dress up” storage in the bathroom. Something as little as rolling a towel instead of folding it can make just the right touch in a tiny bathroom. I have gathered a few other ideas that may work great in your space too.
We are still settling into our new space….but I have put some old tricks to use in the master bathroom. I have used this large glass container to corral my bangles into one space…keeps the dust off and I know what to grab easily. The cake plate makes a great place to drop readily used items like lotions and mouthwash:)
#listerinedesign @cleverlyinspired (2)
You can find these dressed up Listerine bottles at major retailers. It is kind of fun to make an everyday item a bit dressier:) Plus save some $$ with Save Now with Target Cartwheel  Win win!!
 photo 02225-57_listerine_izea_400x450_zps2bfd58fe.jpg
Listerine is the #1 Dentist recommended brand of mouthwash to keep you mouth healthy and clean. My fav is Fresh Mint….I use it sometimes in the middle of the day to maintain fresh breath:)
#listerinedesign @cleverlyinspired (1)
I found some other useful ideas for creating a space that is put together…and also pleasing to look at. I loved the diagonal storage for the rolled up towels….very spa like:)
Here is a great use of wall space…tuck in a narrow cabinet and make it full of purpose.
A beautifully done smaller powder room….
Mixing up the towels and decorative pieces makes it feel more of a relaxed space and not so utilitarian.
This super narrow cabinet placed right on the counter is just perfect for everyday items…so handy!
Be sure to seach your favorite social media #listerinedesign for tons of clever bathroom storage/design ideas:)

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Kitchen tools I cannot live without

I think some of the best tools in the kitchen can make you want to spend more time in there cooking and creating. I have rounded up a few of my personal favorites….these are tools that I have used for several years…and if they have broken…I have replaced them the same week. You get so used to using a great tool you can’t live without it! In no particular order….here are some of our favs….


olive oil

Olive oil brush and holder

I adore this olive oil dispenser. It is on the counter at all times. You fill the container with oil…place the top “brush” on and it is always ready to go! I use it for dabbing olive oil on veggies before I roast…and I use it in a pan before I sauté. You just lightly squeeze and the oil comes out the brush top. Love it! (I originally bought mine at Williams Sonoma…but I placed the link for an online shop that is carrying it now…)






Progressive International Garlic Press

Another everyday tool….fresh garlic on everything please! This little garlic press makes it so easy…you don’t even have to peel the garlic. I have used mine for over 5 years…a value for $12!





Brandani Inox Italian Style Steak Knives, Set of 6, Rainbow

These Italian steak knives I actually found at Homegoods….but we loved them so much we ordered some more online for 3 times the price! They are simply the best knives for every meal. I know that sounds weird….but they cut steak like butter and are easy for my kids to use…






3 piece peeler set from OXO

I love this set for a very silly reason…but it seriously makes all the difference—they are so easy to find in the drawer. Grab and go! They are well made, stay sharp forever and makes peeling a potato uber easy and quick.






parchment paper

I love using parchment paper! Lining the cookie sheet with parchment first makes clean up a breeze! I cook bacon on it, cookies, veggies, potatoes brown up so nice and no sticking! I use Reynold’s brand from your local grocery…but these sheet would be nice too because they are pre-cut to fit. Lining a cake pan with parchment will make it so easy to pop out of the pan too. Many uses….for something so inexpensive!


Do you have any favorite tools in the kitchen that you couldn’t live without??

I would love to hear!

(FYI, some links are affiliate links—meaning if you purchase from them I receive like two pennies:)

10 tips for getting dinner on the table

New Year. Fresh start. Sometimes we make resolutions around this time of year….getting dinner on the table might be on your list. I wanted to give you some ideas to help. I am only sharing things that work for us…in hopes that it will help you too.

I get it. You’re busy….places to go…people to see…kids to be carted….but dinner is important. Like really important. It is a non-negotiable in our house. We literally plan our entire day around our family dinner. To say that it is sacred would be an understatement. It is the 30 minutes of the day…that nothing interferes. We talk about what’s going on….we talk about school, work, fun things on the calendar…we connect. Does it matter what we are eating? Not really. It is definitely more about the time we are spending together. But we gotta eat right? So here are a few tips that really work for our family…and hopefully they will work for you too.

10 tips for getting dinner on the table @cleverlyinspired


1. Ask every member in your family to tell you their 3 favorite meals. Depending on the size of your family…you should end up with about 10 go to meals that you know people will eat.

2. Create a family meal sheet/binder/system. Once you have about 20 meals that are family favorites….create a “system” of sorts to collect your information. I use a binder with sheet protectors. I have each recipe printed out…with the master list on the cover. I throw in new recipes too if it was a fan favorite. Soon enough you will have lots of recipes to choose from every week. My friend Melissa uses a “clothespin” system. She has all her family favorites written on clothespins. Every week, the kids pull out 5 clothes pins and clip them to the fridge (where the grocery list is)…then she makes her list and the kids know what’s for dinner too. Also, since she and her husband both work outside the home…he knows what to start cooking if he gets home first…and vice versa.

3. Take a day or night to plan. This is the most important step. Every Sunday, I take 20 minutes to plan the weeks meals. I use my binder of family favorites along with any new recipes I would like to try. Create a shopping list as you pick out the recipes. You will feel like you concurred the world when you have a plan for the week.

4. End the dreaded questions. What’s for dinner Mom? It will put some people into a complete state of rage…including me. So, after I have figured out the plan for the week….I post it on the fridge. Period. Done and done.

5. Who else can cook? My daughter happens to have a love of cooking. She has just started to cook a weekly family meal. She will tell me what night she wants to cook and what she needs from the store. 13 year olds are handy….

6. Do what you can…when you can do it. Do you wait in a long carpool line? Do you have a long commute to work? Do you have 20 minutes at night when the kids go to bed? Surely you can find 20 minutes to make a list. And if you can find more than 20 minutes…maybe you can even make a meal ahead of time. Sometimes I cook soup, or lasagna…meatballs…on that during the week I can just heat it up. Use your time.

7. Make one grocery trip. I tend to go to the grocery on Monday’s. My family knows that if something isn’t on the list by Monday…they will probably have to wait a few days for it. I dislike going to the grocery….but when I have a list…it is quick and efficient and I am buying things I know I will use.

8. Be available. You need to be home in order to eat dinner at home. Figure out what time is good for most family members and plan it.

9. It’s ok to get off track. Your whole day is a mess…no one is in a good mood. Been there, done that. But you have to eat. Rather than stopping for something unhealthy…maybe instead stop in the grocery for a ready made rotisserie chicken and a bagged salad. Dinner is done when you walk in the door. Leaves you more time to slowly drink a glass of wine;)

10. Cook one thing. My kids don’t like everything I cook….but they do know that what I serve is what’s for dinner. There will always be one thing on the plate that they like. And if there is a veggie that isn’t their favorite…they have to at least try a bit and give me a “score”…1-10 how much you hate/like it…Taste buds change and something they may have hated last year…they will grow to like more this year.


What works for your family? Do you have some tips to share to get dinner on the table? We would love to hear….

Go plan dinner for next week and feel like a super mom;)


Have a great weekend!

Shoe Organization (closet organizing)

It never fails. I am all ready to go out…and I am searching around my closet for a good 5-10 minutes for a pair of shoes to wear. I had great intentions when I bought these cheap plastic shoe boxes….the only problem is that I have to open each and every box before finding the ones that I want to wear! Sound like you!?! So I was so pumped when my friends at Zink HaPPY print sent me a printer to test out. PERFECT!! This is just what I needed to get my closet in tip top shape!! This little printer is the modern day label maker…it is such a perfect gift for the tech lover in your life. Feeling very “Judy Jetson”…I love telling you about fun, new, innovative products. It is the wave of the future I tell ya!

shoe organizatoion with Zink Happy printer @cleverlyinspired (2)cv

The possibilities are endless when you think up all the uses for this printer. Scrapbooks, labeling kitchen items, kids room organization….a ton of possibilities. You will love how easy this little printer is to operate too. Just download the Zink Happy app on your smart phone and get to creating. It took me about 5 minutes to get up and running….

So I started with the hot mess that is my closet….Hot. Mess. Anywho, I tried to stay focused and tackle just my shoes. I set up a mini photo shoot for my shoes….I wanted to take similar pictures to make it look nice and organized…..

shoe organizatoion with Zink Happy printer @cleverlyinspired (4)

I loaded the 2” “paper” (it is basically a blank sticker that comes on a big roll). Took my pictures and printed them out….EASY!!!

shoe organizatoion with Zink Happy printer @cleverlyinspired (3)

I found shoes that I hadn’t worn in a while….like these lovelies…..hubbahubba….


Now. I can clearly see what shoe is in what container without opening. So so so much better!!

shoe organizatoion with Zink Happy printer @cleverlyinspired (2)


shoe organizatoion with Zink Happy printer @cleverlyinspired (1)

What would you organize with the Zink Happy printer?? I want to know….


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(below is an affiliate link to purchase on Amazon…if you wish:)


I am a brand ambassador for companies that I believe in myself and I believe my readers are interested in learning more about. I work with Social Spark and Clever Girls, along with individual companies that are targeting their products to my readers. I will always be mindful of your time and needs…and keep with the mission of CleverlyInspired; which is to inspire you to be clever in your own home. I appreciate your understanding. I have been compensated for my time, however all opinions and thoughts are 100% mine.

ZinkHappy sent me a printer to review. All opinions, projects and pictures are my own.

25 things to do now (Thanksgiving Prep List)

The holidays seem to fly up and hit us in the rear sometimes….for real. I like to get a jumpstart on as many things as I can to make the whole season a whole bunch more enjoyable. Here are a few things that you can do now….so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving too. (this list is mainly for people who will be hosting the big meal…but hopefully you all can apply it to some function that you will be having too…)

To print this list, click on the image and then right click,  select print (or save it for later and print from the file)

thanksgiving to do list @cleverlyinspired

Here is a list I compiled last year to use for November to prepare for Christmas

Getter done friends:)


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Updating the Bookshelves with FrogTape

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape brand painter’s tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The family room. Do you wonder why I never post about the family room? It is thee hardest room for me to photograph. I feel like I have tried every trick to the trade…I have bounced light with the reflector…I have used my flash on low…I have opened the windows real wide….it is a challenge. It is blue…which tends to absorb light instead of bouncing it…which doesn’t help. But I love this room…it is warm and cozy…comfy in summer and in winter…it allows for plenty of seating…and it has lots of personal touches including tons of trim work that my hubby built. This bookshelf is on the right side of our fireplace. Underneath is tons of storage for board games and kid stuff…the top is stained…and above are bookshelves. They were looking a bit neglected…so I set out to make them a bit more special for fall with the help from my friends at  FrogTape painter’s tapeupdating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (8) Here is where I started….(btw…color on the wall is Phillipsburg Blue by Ben Moore)updating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (10) I cleared everything off the shelves and cleaned them off….Hello dust…how are ya? Then with the help of some fabulous Frog tape…I created this wide strip down the center. What is nice about FrogTape is that the edges are water-tight and sealed. You will not have any paint run under the tape ruining your beautiful design….It is perfect for this application.updating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (11) updating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (6) I love how just a bit of paint and tape can wake up an entire corner. This bookshelf feels special again…here is how I went about creating this look… Supplies: Frog tape paint of choice level measuring tape chalk or pencil

1. I took my shelves out because they are removable. Measure and mark the center of your shelves. Measure 2.5 inches on either side of the middle mark.

2. Using level…gently mark a level line from top to bottom creating one wide strip in the center. Place your frog tape pressing to adhere.

3. Mark 1/2 inch from that piece of tape and draw another level line. Tape and press on wall creating a thinner strip on the sides of your wide strip.

4. Once you are all taped up….roll on paint with a small roller. Don’t completely go over the tape …try to just stay on the edges so that the center of the tape will remain adhered to the wall. I did two coats of white.

5. Remove tape while paint is still drying…look at at that fresh clean line!

When I was all set to reload the bookshelves I tried to edit a bit… updating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (4) I tend to like things symmetrical…so I started by adding back the books that  I wanted to keep. Stacking them by color gives them a bit more “presence” and more put together. Then I added the basket up top and balanced that darker color with a wire basket full of pinecones (cinnamon smelling pinecones…bonus!! :) I already had the goodwill bird…but “she” used to black…I sprayed her yellow. She is much happier now;) I balanced the yellow bird with the gold coral thingy…(Home goods) and the fake green apples in a vase. I finished the look off with my family treasures like artwork, and my Grammy’s vase and “captain dude” and our new “old fashion” record player. Nothin like the original ;).updating the bookshelves with FrogTape @cleverlyinspired (5) I think the stripes on the wall make this space so much more special! And how easy! I finished it in under an hour:)


To find out more about Frogtape be sure to visit them on Twitter…

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Top Tips for Kitchen Organization from your Favorite Bloggers

We have made a few improvements in the past to keep our kitchen a bit more tidy. I am always on the look out for ideas and tips to help us maintain an organized kitchen. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut…or putting things certain places…and come to realize that it really isn’t the greatest system.

I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to share some of their best tips for keeping a kitchen tidy and organized. Here are a few easy tips you can implement to create peace in your kitchen;)


tips for organizing the kitchen (2)


tips for organizing the kitchen


tips for organizing the kitchen 3

tips for organizing the kitchen 5


Thanks girls….you can visit their amazing blogs and gather even more organizing ideas….



You can’t forget about the fridge when it comes to organizing your kitchen space. Making things easy to see and reach in for help to keep your kitchen running smoothly. The folks at Electrolux have create a French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator that makes it so easy to keep tabs on what’s in the fridge. The double swinging doors makes it easy for little hands to view what’s in there quickly.

Electrolux Perfect Temp Drawer


The Electrolux Perfect Temp Drawer keeps all your fruits and veggies (and wine ;) at optimum temperature so that they will stay fresher longer. It is designed to keep all your different refrigerated foods at their ideal temperature. The self closing doors ensures that food is safely stored. These yummy recipes like this Peach Bellini is one of Kelly Ripa’s own favorite concoctions…and it makes great use of all those summer peaches:) Yes…please…I’ll have two…




Kelly Ripa's Gourmet Popsicles- Blueberry Pomegranate Hibiscus Pops

Be sure to visit the Electrolux website to put your name in the hat for your very own fabulous new refrigerator….

Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Now through August 22, visit and enter the Electrolux Perfect Temp Sweepstakes daily for a chance to win your own Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator and a trip to a climate with a perfect temp – the sunny Abaco Islands in The Islands Of The Bahamas

For every entry and share, Electrolux will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) with the goal of reaching $125,000


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

10 inexpensive tips to organize the garage

Other titles I kicked around for this post…. ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (3)cv “holy mother of batman…I can park two cars in our two car garage!”

“Got crap?”

“Hold me…I’ve been in my garage for 5 days straight…”

“Intervention: when you hoard…but you have no room to hoard…”

ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (1)ba A couple weeks back….my instagram feed was covered in garage organization goodness. I had to keep posting my progress to keep myself motivated. We have lived in our house for almost 10 years…and have never parked both cars in the garage. My hubs has always had either a pick up truck or large SUV…so I was never really motivated to keep the other half of the garage clean because I knew he couldn’t park in there. But now…his car will fit…so I began my decluttering/cleanup/getterdone girl garage clean up.

Before:  ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (11) During: organizing garage @cleverlyinspired (2) I didn’t go out and purchase any fancy system. I used what I had….and I came up with some useful solutions for you to use in your garage too. My goal was to have 2 cars in the garage by winter….yahoooooo….I’m actually ahead of schedule;) what say what…?!?! Hands-in-the-air-like-I-just-don’t-care…..

Here are a few tips that helped me along the way….

1. Tackle one section per day. The corners in our garage were so messy and cluttered. I did those first. Then I moved to the sections of wall space. Everything was looked at and placed in a pile.

2. Make piles. Piles for craigslist, trash, keep, seasonal….etc…whatever works for you. Once the craigslist pile grew I took a few pics and listed it. Most things were free to whoever came first. Some things I listed to sell…and I ended up making about $125 with things that were not being used. I love the “free” listing on craigslist. It gets your junk out of your hair quickly!! And they come an pick it up!

 ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (9)

3. Use the wall. As I took things out of bins and boxes that didn’t belong together…I looked at items that would be better off hanging. I used hooks and nails that I had on hand to organize these items. It could look prettier…but I really wanted to just keep moving and a simply nail in the wall worked great.

garage organization @cleverlyinspired

4. Clean as you go. When I had one section pared down I swept the floor and vacuumed prior to moving on. It made me feel like I was accomplishing more:) Helped my mojo ;)

5. Containers. I bought a few containers after I was able to take inventory of what was left to organize. The small plastic shoe boxes are cheap and keep things covered…plus they stack easy.

6. Printed paper labels. I don’t have a fancy label maker….but I do have a printer. I used Word to make labels…print them out and tape on the boxes with packing tape. Does the job and looks great.

7. Continue to ask “How badly do I love this?” Yes, I love to repurpose, yes, I love to refinish things….but I cannot do it all. Keep your “to-do” pile manageable…otherwise you may never see the garage floor again.

8. Use jars for small items…and leave them out. I can’t tell you how many boxes of the same size nail we had. I put all nails and screws in these jars (bought these online months ago…for this intent…and just now got to organizing with them) I believe I bought them on . It makes it so easy to see what you have and when you are close to running out. I also used mason jars to store small quantity touch up paint. Looks preettttttyyyy…..:) ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (5)

9. Take a break. I had to step back a few times and “regroup” so that I wouldn’t get completely overwhelmed. If you tell yourself…”I am going to tackle this area…and only this area today…” then be good with that. It takes patience…especially in the summer when the kiddos are needing something else fun to do ;)

10. Make it pretty. I used some left over paint (Atmospheric by Ben Moore) to paint the huge workbench. We hadn’t seen the top of this surface since we built it 9 years ago. I cleaned it off really good and painted the top and front. Then I used drop cloths and grommets to cover the front. Looks 300% better for very little money. We are looking into options for the garage floor….since it has remnants of every spray paint project I have ever done;) #myhubsisasaint

More on that soon :)  ideas to organize the garage @cleverlyinspired (8) Are you going to go tackle your garage now?? :)

Happy weekend projecting friends !

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