One Sentence Interview: Young House Love (John and Sherry Petersik)


Ever since I saw their column in DIY magazine..I have loved Sherry and John. They are candid, honest, creative, and very real. What I mean by that is they are a typical young family…going through projects in their home….but the way they tell the “story” of their trials and tribulations is captivating. You really do feel like you are part of their … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: The Lettered Cottage (Layla and Kevin Palmer)


Cutey …and Patootie….that is what I will call them. Better known as Layla and Kevin Palmer from the super-blog The Lettered Cottage. They are like peanut-butter and jelly….toast and jam….jolly ranchers and roller rinks…(ok, is that just me…from 7th grade…I digress…) Layla and Kevin have been blogging for several years. Their post are infused with … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals


Mandi is completely and totally one-of-a-kind. Period. She designs spaces that are so unique…and takes chances with colors that you would never would think would work…and they work…over the top coolness..all the time. Mandi’s blog Vintage Revivals is a reflection of her passion for fabulous design…on a budget. She has made a lamp from thrift store … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: Marian Parsons aka Miss Mustard Seed


Marian is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to painting. She is one of a kind in her field…and there are thousands who are trying to duplicate what she does. So much so …that she was recently contracted to create her own custom paint line with Homestead House paints and write a how to book about her painting techniques. Her success is … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: Katie Bower


The Bower Power I am thrilled to have Katie Bower visit here today with her answers for the one sentence interview series. I am so happy you all are enjoying these as much as I am! If you missed the first two…I have interviewed Kate Pruitt from Design Sponge…and Kate Riley from Centsational Girl…and here today I have Katie Bower (so what I … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: Kate Riley of Centsational Girl


  Kate Riley of is one of two bloggers that drew me into this whole blogging world. Her style very closely matches mine own. I can relate to every post she writes. I would describe her style as updated classic. Chic…without the shabby. Traditional…without the heaviness. Simple…but not boring. Truly love her and her … [Read more...]

One sentence interview with Kate Pruitt : NEW Series!


Just send it out into the universe…and see what happens. Those were my thoughts as I mulled on this new little series “One sentence Interviews”. You never know…maybe no one will respond…but then again…maybe someone WILL respond. I picked out some favorite bloggers of mine and I sent them a short email explaining my new series. The challenge…answer … [Read more...]