Winter White Mantle


The kitchen remodel is coming along really nicely! For those who follow on twitter and may have seen the picture of our pantry update. We are ready for paint and it looks so great! I am finishing up my $7 countertop....and cannot wait to reveal it! It looks so good already! Thought I would share the update to the mantle. Nothing … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantle 2011


I thought that this would be a fun time to reveal the Christmas mantle! Our bellies are all full of turkey...the holiday spirit is in the air...(is that what I smell...or something else;) anywho...I wanted to show you what I have done to our fireplace and mantle....Some fun sparkly garland ( I used this last year in the Dining room..) I wanted to … [Read more...]

Fall Mantle 2011


Well, I know you all have been on pins and needles waiting the beloved fall mantle...(I joke I joke) Here is what I decided to do this fall....I collected some frames...all different sizes...from all over town. Yard sales, estate sales, thrift know how it goes. I ended up with 6.  And this is how I used … [Read more...]

A Summer Mantle


If you have been following me for know I love to change out my mantle to reflect the season. I tweeted a preview pic last are a few more pics. I just put this together with things that were around my house. Here is what I came up with.... Remembering summer... A large stone from a past trip to Mexico.... a … [Read more...]

Mantel—Original Artwork makes all the difference


Bill and I were lucky enough to have our family pictures taken with an incredible local photographer. He is a friend and was so kind to give us a bit of his time. His name is Andrew Kung---and he is quite simply a master of his craft in photography. We are big fans! His expertise is fashion and commercial photography---but he can shoot … [Read more...]

Finding some Zen…in some beans…


 In some ways January is a return back to Zen....or some sense of calm. You know, you take all the holiday stuff down, the lights are gone, the furniture moves back to where is was....then there is this clean pallet. I love that. It is such a renewing feeling---and yes, I did just finish my Yoga...:) So, my mantle is reflecting that feeling. … [Read more...]

Large frame for the mantle…for cheap! GIVEAWAY!


To thank you all for so much support (over 200 followers since the very first post on Oct. 16th) Yall rock! I cannot thank you enough. I am going to giveaway a one year subscription to ...I really love this is not at all "country" as you would think fom the title. I have found countless ideas in this magazine! And I want to share the … [Read more...]

Fall Mantle 2010


The mantle is one of my favorite seasonal projects! Thought I would share my fall mantle that I have up right now. The silhouettes are from last year....but I love them so! Very easy to make! Take a profile picture of your little person---or dog---or husband, friend...whatever. Print it in a 8x10 paper format. Cut out the profile and then trace … [Read more...]