Book Page Repurposed Mantle and Shopping the House


  Hey all!! I feel like I haven't shared a fun project in awhile...sorry about that! I have been busy with other boring house chores...none of which are cool enough to share:( I wanted to show you an easy winter mantle idea...perfect to pull off in a weekend (especially if you are stuck inside!!) If you are a book … [Read more...]

Nature Inspired Christmas Mantle (Simple Holiday Mantle)


  A few other options for the title of this post: One Mantle, Two Ways to decorate Fresh greens….not so fresh…. Girl goes bat-**** crazy about her Christmas Mantle Oh hey, there’s a tree limb…. I could go on…and on…..Point is this….I had my mantle all decorated and looking fab. Like this…..(I even wrote a post up about it … [Read more...]

Mini Fall Luminaries (Fall Mantle Décor)


Hey it’s Friday!! Whoohooo! Ready to get your Fall on this weekend?? Here is a fun Saturday project…that will have your mantle ready…and last all the way through to Thanksgiving. Enjoy! My mantle was already looking pretty “fall like”….but of course I had to fuss with it a bit after I thought of these fun little mini luminaries. I am not much on … [Read more...]

Easy tricks for Styling a Mantle


Hey all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I will be taking the rest of the week off because I am headed to the BigApple ;) Miele asked me to participate in a campaign called #pureairblog. I am excited to visit their headquarters in Princeton and learn more about their vacuums and appliances! I will be spending time in Princeton, NJ and then NYC for … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantle 2012 (decorating a Holiday mantle)


 Oh happy Friday friends!! I hope you have a great one. If you are looking for an easy, fresh and simple idea for your mantle this is one that doesn't take much time to pull off... This year I wanted to stick to tradition. I wanted to use as much fresh greens as I could. I also wanted to keep things very simple and light. I found … [Read more...]

Decorating a Mantle for Fall (fall mantel decor)


It is my very favorite season…as yall know….I have changed out a few things on the mantle to celebrate fall!!   I really wanted to use things that I found around the house…or outside…so I went searching. I clipped some branches off a tree and spray painted them with a light coat of bronze and orange paint…just so they had a bit more … [Read more...]

Summer Mantle (mantel decorating) 2012


I was inspired to throw together my summer mantle this weekend….it was looking a little bit boring. Here is what I pulled from around the house to create a summery feel in the family room. I love my roll of kraft paper!! You can find a large roll of it in your local hardware store’s paint isle. Most use it for covering surfaces to protect them … [Read more...]

Ideas for a Summer Mantle

This post is from last year....thought it was an "oldie but goodie..." In case you missed it the first time around....Also, be sure to sign up for the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway!!!   If you have been following me for know I love to change out my mantle to reflect the season. I tweeted a preview pic last are a … [Read more...]

Spring Greens Mantle


  Oh my has our weather been fabulous! It is like we just passed right by winter this year. Wondering what that means for our summer?!?! I am hoping it doesn’t get too hot too soon…I love springtime. I wanted a cheap and easy spring update for the mantle. This is something we can all do. Seriously easy. No excuses people!! I did have … [Read more...]

Winter White Mantle


The kitchen remodel is coming along really nicely! For those who follow on twitter and may have seen the picture of our pantry update. We are ready for paint and it looks so great! I am finishing up my $7 countertop....and cannot wait to reveal it! It looks so good already! Thought I would share the update to the mantle. Nothing … [Read more...]