Easy Chicken Casserole (no canned soup) Recipe


Hi all! I am back from my trip...and I will be sharing a lot of fun details mid week. I hope you had a beautiful fall weekend where you live:) Starting off the week with this really yummy chicken casserole. It is creamy and tasty...and quite healthy too! Usually the word casserole and canned soup go hand in hand. I love this recipe because it is … [Read more...]

Weeknight Meatball Subs


Hi all! This is a great meal for fall when the kids are in and out with sports and the weather cools off. Is the weather going to cool off? Feels like summer here now. Boo...I miss my boots.... 20 minutes. That’s it….if you have 20 minutes you can make these for your family. They will love you…I promise…just a little bit more than they did … [Read more...]

Chicken Puffs Recipe


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We all have those recipes that make us think of the holidays....maybe it is your Grammie's fudge...or your Dad's coleslaw...or your Mom's Caesar salad...(all of the above for me! ) It is not only the snacks that we … [Read more...]

Slow cooker Artichoke Chicken recipe


I am definitely on a slow cooker kick lately…it is so easy and I love not worrying about dinner all day. I made this recipe up with things I already had on hand…and everyone loved it! I use chicken thighs because they will not dry out…they just get better and juicier the slower and longer they cook. No fail people! Drain and chop up a can of … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Lasagna (crock pot) recipe


  I realize I have given you a few options when it comes to lasagna….but this one has got to be the easiest one yet. No need to boil noodles (yay…) you could make the filling and keep it in the fridge for a couple days (make ahead…bonus!) And it is really really tasty. Great week night meal…all you need is a salad and you are good to … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Chinese Chicken Recipe (crock pot recipes)


I think that it is so funny….one of my all time most popular post is a slow cooker recipe. This angel chicken recipe is number 2 on the blogs most visited post. So….I thought I would dish out another super easy…super yummy…crowd pleasin slow cooker recipe. This is perfect for those busy school nights when everyone is running in and out….you can … [Read more...]

Fresh Tomato Lasagna recipe


  This recipe makes really great use of all the fresh tomatoes from our gardens right now. All the ingredients are fresh, tasty and make this lasagna light instead of heavy. It can be made ahead too. Love that! Here is how you put together some Fresh Tomato Lasagna... In a medium skillet over medium-low heat, melt  butter. Sauté … [Read more...]

Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe


  I know you have heard the story about how I grew  up at the beach (Avalon, NJ) during the summer months. When I was around the age of 13 or so I started working at the local deli. I worked there all through college and it became like a second home to me. I have such great memories of Donnelly’s deli. It was a family run local … [Read more...]

Grilled Hot Wings (buffalo wings)


Love…hate relationship. Me and hot wings. I love how they taste…I hate that they are bad for you. Love the different sauces you can eat them with…hate that they are a mess to make and eat! Bill is a huge fan of hot wings…and we were both searching for a way to enjoy them with less fat, less mess…and MORE fun :) With a bit of experimenting….this is … [Read more...]

4 minute tortellini lasagna


No kidding. This took 4 minutes to make. It was a day when we had tons of homework...no one was really getting along, Monday, raining...and I had to throw dinner together. Here is what I did....seriously the easiest thing I have ever made!  First..place the frozen spinach in the microwave to thaw it. While that is thawing--get out a 9 by 13 … [Read more...]