Lakehouse at Barren River


Okay…first of all you guys kind of totally rock…You and your sweet words were the vitamins to my writer's brain on Friday. Feeling kind of overwhelmed and underinspired..which I probably have said almost every July for the past 5 July’s... and a few of you left such sweet comments that really made my day! I think that the challenge with blogging … [Read more...]

How to make a bar (outdoor)


We have this little space at the lake house right outside the kitchen door. It is a perfect spot to sit and watch…and listen. We don’t have a very large kitchen so this space is perfect for pulling up a stool to eat (and drink ;) We made this super easy bar area about 4 summers ago…it has served us well. It would be great on any deck….not that much … [Read more...]

Grammie’s guest book


Hi all!! I want to welcome all my new friends from Dallas. I had a great time meeting you all at the Project MOM conference in this weekend. What a warm welcoming group! I will be sharing some pics soon! I hope you all had a great weekend too :) When my Grammie moved from her house of 30plus years….there was a bunch of stuff. Some of it was … [Read more...]

Thrifty finds at the Lake house


  It is almost that time of year….lake time! I have done a few post in the past few years…about the lakehouse. It is a perfect place to be in the summertime. The lake that we are on is quiet and uncrowded…and we love that about it. I decorated this house entirely with thrifty finds. Picking up stuff here and there…it is always evolving. … [Read more...]

Days till summer???


We technically never really "open" the is "open" all year. Actually, some of the prettiest days there are in the fall when the leaves change...very peaceful. However, we do like to do some spring clean-up in May to get ready for some summer fun. Everything is so green---course we have had 500million rain days...just sayin..We spent … [Read more...]

Scenes from the Lakehouse


 This time of year, my hubby gets a little twitch....He really starts to miss this....And this....boating is his passion...he loves being on this boat...We built a little cottage back in 2007....and it is a little piece of heaven on earth...the place is decorated completely with found objects and re purposed materials...(except for our beds ;) … [Read more...]

99 bottles of wine on the wall, 99 bottles of wine…..


We (we meaning Bill and I) started for some odd reason collecting wine bottles. Not sure how it started, I am sure I was thinking I would do something with all of them. I love all the different labels and shapes. So, we grew quite a collection. It was time to do something with them. This is what I thought of.... We have a lake cottage (I say … [Read more...]