Sticky Chicken Legs (slow cooker chicken legs)


I’m recouping today after a fun fall break. Lots to share with you…but today…I am going to share a really easy recipe that would be perfect to whip up for Halloween night. Yet another slow cooker recipe that I promise will not let you down. If you want to be all gory you could call these “Sticky Bones”….up to you;) Whatever you call them….call them … [Read more...]

DIY Claw Machine Kids Costume


I have to say….this is not be finest moment as a photographer….these pictures were taken last September…at night…many by kids….we were in a “getter-done” mode if ya know what I mean. But….the costume turned out so cute that I wanted to share. I was visiting Melissa last September…and we had planned to do these costumes all weekend…but like usual … [Read more...]

DIY Jellyfish Halloween Costume


I am popping in today to be apart of my blogging buddy Jamie’s handmade costume series. She has a complete website dedicated to handmade halloween costumes! It is so fun to peek around on there and get some great ideas to make your own…and your kids costumes. I am sharing this one that Melissa (bff) and I made last year for her daughter. Melissa … [Read more...]

Cookie on a Pan: Halloween Costume


I went on a quick trip to see my bff last week. We got busy working on homemade Halloween costumes. 3 little girls wanting 3 unique homemade costumes….we were worn out! The oldest wanted to be a claw machine (like the kind you see at the arcade), the middle girl wanted to be a jelly fish…and the youngest wanted to be a Cookie on a … [Read more...]

Halloween Spider Cheese ball and Platter (appetizer)


BOO! Halloween post are popping up all over the I thought I would share this one with you. I was excited to participate over at eighteen25’s Spectacular September this year. I shared this spider web platter. In case you missed it…I have the directions below on how to create your own spider web platter. What could be cuter on a web platter … [Read more...]

10 ideas for Fall


I know…I know…Labor Day hasn’t even past us yet….but on blogland Fall is starting to bloom. I wanted to give you some ideas for Fall decorating that I have shared in the past. I am excited to show you some things I have been working on for this Fall…it is my favorite season. The smells, the jeans, the firepits….the leaves changing. I love it … [Read more...]

Mini Post on Facebook

This weekend I posted a "mini-post" on Facebook. If you follow me there you may have seen...if is a link to the post. Facebook is such a great way for me to stay in touch in between post....I hope to see you on there! Just like the page and it will always show up on your newsfeed for Facebook. I shared a few of the details and recipes … [Read more...]

Creepy Painted Fruit

creepy painted fruit

What is the strangest thing you have ever spray painted? For me...this project was the first time I have ever spray painted fruit. Yes, as in apples, oranges....fruit. I am hosting a girls night on Thursday and since it is Halloween week and all....I decided to make it all creepy. Here is a peek at some table decorations that maybe you can throw … [Read more...]

Boneyard Breadsticks


No bones about it....these are some seriously easy "wow" factor bread sticks! I got the recipe from the Rhodes bread Co website. How cute! Perfect for your Halloween dinner!! Pairs great with soup or chili! To speed the thawing process...I placed them in the microwave (25 seconds, flip over 25 seconds) Then cover with sprayed cling wrap and … [Read more...]

The Modern Pumpkin


I shared this last week over at CSI....and in case you missed it is. Super cute and easy fall art! Sometimes I find that the fall decorations tend to be too country for my taste. I was on a mission to create a pumpkin decoration that was more streamlined. I was inspired by... Pin and this... Pin oh so lovely.... Pin  This … [Read more...]