DIY Wood Coasters


So....sometimes I’m in a craft store…for a specific purpose….and I get this crazy idea in my head…and then start shopping for the crazy idea….this was one of those moments. I was in the wood burning tool aisle….you know with all the wood…and tools. Too specific? Anywho, I started to gather an idea in my head for some coasters that we were in … [Read more...]

DIY ereader holder (Handmade Father’s Day gift)


This little handy ereader holder makes really good use of those inexpensive wooden craft store frames. They can be customized for pennies…and your recipient will be delighted at the time the kiddos took in making them one of a kind. This handy DIY ereader holder is perfect for Dad's smartphone or ereader. Kids can put this together in just a few … [Read more...]

DIY Diaper Wreath (DIY baby shower decoration)


There was a time in my life….when diapers consumed my house. It is funny….that is one of the first things I remember people saying to me when I told them we were having twins.. “OH I cannot imagine the diapers you are going to go through!!” So it is natural when you are throwing/attending a baby shower that giving the gift of extra diapers is … [Read more...]

last minute advent calendar


I know I said I was taking a few days off....but I wanted to pop in and share this really easy Christmas Countdown with you so you can do it this week or weekend:) Also...I am sharing a bunch over on instagram and twitter while I take the rest of the week off. Hoping you can visit me there:) I tend to blog in real time…I realize this post may … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape & A Thanksgiving Favor


Target has provided some pictures in this blog post and I have been compensated for my review; as always thoughts, projects and ideas are my own. You know how every year I like to give my family a parting favor on Thanksgiving. Last year I gave them some dry dip recipe…another year I gave some sugared almonds…and cinnamon butter (this post is … [Read more...]

Baby Mug Cake: Baby shower favor


  A new baby. The only reason you need to throw a little celebration.  And you know I cannot let my party guest leave without a little something in their hands. This little mug cake was really easy to throw together. Perfect for a hostess gift or for your next party favor. I purchased these glass mugs at the dollar store. Make sure … [Read more...]

DIY Necklace Travel Case


This idea is kind of genius. It isn’t mine….so I am not calling myself genius. When I went to Haven last summer…one of my roommates Chelsea pulled out this rolled up placement. As she unrolled it…all of her long necklaces were just laying there…all untangled..and perfect. I thought…now that is a great idea. It took me this long to make one for … [Read more...]

Handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day


We all love a handmade treasure. Giving one that we have poured our heart into… and receiving one that someone put time into. Mother’s day is going to be here before you know it! I have asked some super talented crafty gals to share with me some of their favorite handmade gifts. I am sure you will find something to make for a special mom in your … [Read more...]

DIY leather Camera Strap


Happy weekend friends! Little side note...a few were asking about the Banana Oatmeal bread...I failed to add the chocolate chips in the recipe but I have since updated it. Sorry about that:) And someone had asked about adding raisins instead...I would think that would be great too! On to a fun stylish craft today.... When I saw this leather … [Read more...]

Sea Salt Caramel Recipe


Holy. Moly. I may never buy another caramel again. Have you ever made your own?? This recipe was really easy. I promise. I think the key to making candy is being prepared. Measure all your ingredients before you start. Turn your phone off. Put a show on for the kids. Tell your husband no grabbin-the-tush-time….for reals…because momma is makin candy … [Read more...]

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