Double Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie recipe


I found these pictures back in the depths of my picture file. I then found out that I never shared this recipe with you. It is from Christmas time. Shall we sing jingle bells? Ok, you start…. I figure instead of sitting on the pictures until this coming Christmas…I would just share it now. Mkay? Geter done people:) By the way, these taste … [Read more...]

Smore Bar Recipe


Going to wrap up Smores week with a yummy new recipe I recently made for a church function. These call for a homemade marshmallow fluff (which by the way…couldn’t be easier). These would be great to bake up and take to your Memorial Day picnic this weekend. I wish you all a wonderful kick off to summer!! :) The crust come together really … [Read more...]

Smores Recipe Round-Up


They are the quintessential summertime treat…the Smore. One part heaven the other part joy. Seriously one of my favorite desserts. I rounded up some talented bloggers and asked them for their favorite recipe for a smore…so many to pick from…start the fire people…you’ve got some smores to … [Read more...]

Triple Berry Bar Recipe


Some of you (me being included in this statement) place “fruit” outside of the “dessert” category. I remember when my Grammie would have her bridge group over....she would make this pineapple upside down cake for dessert. I always thought…”well that’s a rip off….there is no chocolate! That’s an excuse for a dessert.” Since then I have come to … [Read more...]

88 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


I know right. It is really really good too. I believe these are best enjoyed warm…so prior to eating, zap in the microwave for about 13 seconds…just like they are right out of the oven. Amen. Good gravy these are good….You get the milk….hurry please…. You will never miss what is missing. Promise. I made a batch and ended up freezing a bag. … [Read more...]

Smores on a stick


Hi all! I realize that I said I would share my office reveal...but I need to edit a few more pics. We worked on a really easy project this weekend with a product called Airstone and I cannot wait to show you the results! So today...instead of office talk....I am going to share this fabulous little easy treat. I think these Smores on a stick … [Read more...]

Mini Lemon Bars Recipe


You know when you make a whole 9 by 13 pan of something…like a brownie or a bar…and you are the one who ends up taking bites off of it every time you walk past? You don’t want to…but you don’t want to see it go to waste either. I was wanting to make lemon bars for my honey on Valentines day…but I didn’t want to be left with a ginormous pan of lemon … [Read more...]

Seltzer Water Cupcake (low fat cupcake recipe)


If you would have told me that this cupcake….made with just seltzer water and cake mix and a few chocolate chips…would be the most moist, delicious, chocolaty cupcake ever…I would have told you “shut the front door”….or “no flipping way” or…”catch the next train to crazy town…cause that is where you came from…” etc.…I could go on…and yes this is … [Read more...]

Low fat Cinnamon Cake Recipe


Warning: I am a stress baker…and givin the last weeks events…well, that and the holidays…my kitchen smells like a bakery most of the time…and I find that very comforting. So I will try to spread out some of the bakery post for you ;) This recipe is one that I made for Thanksgiving week….but it is perfect for any holiday. I usually steer clear of … [Read more...]

Crumb Crust Apple pie recipe


Sometimes….I bake it just so I can smell it….all warm, and cinnamony, it is perfection. If you haven’t baked a pie before…this one is a great one to try. The crust on top is more of a cobbler crust….so no rolling out the top crust. I think it makes for a lighter pie too…when you don’t have a double crust. The best apples to use are granny … [Read more...]