Repurposed Ladder into Office Organizer


You know that I would never pass up an old, beat up, done-it’s-time wooden ladder. I have had this one for several years. It was the best $25 I have ever spent…..I adore it.  It was leaning against the wall in my new office area since we moved in….as if it was just waiting for a new purpose….”please, use me again!” Well little ladder…your wish has … [Read more...]

Creative Spaces Vol. 3 blog hop


Hi Guys!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my sweet Putter dog. We spent the last few days just laughing at all the good memories we have with him. Your notes made me smile:) I am in the middle of crazy moving week so I probably won't be sharing a whole lot this week. I hope you are enjoying your summer....mine has obviously been a … [Read more...]

Creating a Faux Fireplace: Airstone Tutorial


Back when I redid my new craft space…I told you about this mantle that I found for $40 at my local consignment shop. I wasn’t sure where to use it at first…but it seems to fit perfect on this wall in my office. The jury is still on on weather or not it will get a coat of paint….I am leaning towards painting it. We tossed around several ideas for … [Read more...]

Simple no sew drapery panels


Hey all! Happy Friday! And Happy Derby weekend. Don’t forget to cheer on the horses on Saturday:) I told you a few weeks back about our solution for hanging the drapery panels…but I wanted to show you just how easy these were to make. I loved this fabric by Waverly (Williamsburg collection) It was the perfect color and style for this craft … [Read more...]

DIY Art Cart


Happy weekend friends! Hopefully it is warming up where you live and you can get out and about....or maybe make this really cool DIY Art Cart:) I looked around for a “rolling island” piece of furniture for my office but kept coming up short. Hubs and I designed one out on paper and decided to build it ourselves. The goal was to have a place to … [Read more...]

Fun office accessories


I have had a great time putting together some useful and fun office accessories. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds. Surrounding yourself with things that are colorful and useful helps to promote creative work. 1. Custom engraved pencils   2. A pretty candle   3. Markers and colored pencils 4. … [Read more...]

Using old trim to create a valance (DIY valance)


Hi friends! We made it to Friday! Hope you have some fun plans in store for this weekend:) Maybe you will have time to make a cool vintage valance like this one.... I was struggling a bit with this window in my new office space…I really wanted to keep it as open to light as possible…but yet I also wanted to add a punch of green with some … [Read more...]

Office/Craft Room Reveal


It is kind of like giving birth….taking a room from blah to ahhhhh….that is the only way to describe it. It is always a process writing a post like this. Recalling all the things I have already shared…and trying to remember what I haven’t shared. Bare with me ;) I will be talking about this space for many weeks to come….but I wanted to reward you … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Wrap holder (repurpose an old door)


I have told you a few times about my friends in Cincinnati…they live in this gorgeous old home. Chris had these really old pocket doors that she found in the cellar…and was at a loss for what to do with them. I have had them in my garage for about 2 years…no joke (hubs has been super happy to have them in there too…or not…) Any who, I knew they … [Read more...]

DIY overhead projector (how to paint an image on the wall)


I try ideas sometimes…not knowing if I will like the outcome or not…but I need to get it out of my head (know what I mean?) This was one of those ideas. I love this quote…and I really wanted it up on the wall. “Life whispers. Listen closely.” Short…to the point..and so true. I went about painting it on the wall…and then a week later I painted … [Read more...]