Creating a Faux Fireplace: Airstone Tutorial


Back when I redid my new craft space…I told you about this mantle that I found for $40 at my local consignment shop. I wasn’t sure where to use it at first…but it seems to fit perfect on this wall in my office. The jury is still on on weather or not it will get a coat of paint….I am leaning towards painting it. We tossed around several ideas for … [Read more...]

Simple no sew drapery panels


Hey all! Happy Friday! And Happy Derby weekend. Don’t forget to cheer on the horses on Saturday:) I told you a few weeks back about our solution for hanging the drapery panels…but I wanted to show you just how easy these were to make. I loved this fabric by Waverly (Williamsburg collection) It was the perfect color and style for this craft … [Read more...]

DIY Art Cart


Happy weekend friends! Hopefully it is warming up where you live and you can get out and about....or maybe make this really cool DIY Art Cart:) I looked around for a “rolling island” piece of furniture for my office but kept coming up short. Hubs and I designed one out on paper and decided to build it ourselves. The goal was to have a place to … [Read more...]

Fun office accessories


I have had a great time putting together some useful and fun office accessories. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds. Surrounding yourself with things that are colorful and useful helps to promote creative work. 1. Custom engraved pencils   2. A pretty candle   3. Markers and colored pencils 4. … [Read more...]

Using old trim to create a valance (DIY valance)


Hi friends! We made it to Friday! Hope you have some fun plans in store for this weekend:) Maybe you will have time to make a cool vintage valance like this one.... I was struggling a bit with this window in my new office space…I really wanted to keep it as open to light as possible…but yet I also wanted to add a punch of green with some … [Read more...]

Office/Craft Room Reveal


It is kind of like giving birth….taking a room from blah to ahhhhh….that is the only way to describe it. It is always a process writing a post like this. Recalling all the things I have already shared…and trying to remember what I haven’t shared. Bare with me ;) I will be talking about this space for many weeks to come….but I wanted to reward you … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Wrap holder (repurpose an old door)


I have told you a few times about my friends in Cincinnati…they live in this gorgeous old home. Chris had these really old pocket doors that she found in the cellar…and was at a loss for what to do with them. I have had them in my garage for about 2 years…no joke (hubs has been super happy to have them in there too…or not…) Any who, I knew they … [Read more...]

DIY overhead projector (how to paint an image on the wall)


I try ideas sometimes…not knowing if I will like the outcome or not…but I need to get it out of my head (know what I mean?) This was one of those ideas. I love this quote…and I really wanted it up on the wall. “Life whispers. Listen closely.” Short…to the point..and so true. I went about painting it on the wall…and then a week later I painted … [Read more...]

Traveling Artwork: Making Art with some of my favorite bloggers Part 1


I had this idea….for a fun, unique, interesting piece of artwork for my new office. The only catch, I was going to need a lot of help if I was going to pull it off. I called out to some of my favorite bloggers. Right away, I heard back from 4 of my favorites…the plan was put into motion. I gathered the materials and sat down to write out the … [Read more...]

White wash Pine Hardwood flooring


Sometimes….ok…all the time…I mention something to my honey and he looks at me and thinks…”where do you come up with these ideas…”…then I say things like and pinterest…and house beautiful..and such…and he says…”if you like it I am sure I will too…”. He’s a gem…a real peach…wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in China (even though I am not a … [Read more...]