12 inch memory foam bed from Wal-Mart: One Unbiased Review


Friday!!! I hope you have been enjoying a little taste of spring...we have loved having the doors and windows opened a few times this week. Hoping it is here to stay! Today...I wanted to share with you a completely unsponsored-just-tellin-you-cause-I-feel-the-need-to post about the time we bought a mattress at Wal-Mart. If you would have told me … [Read more...]

10 no-fail Entertaining Tips (Holiday Entertaining Ideas)


Hi all! Hope you had a restful and filling Thanksgiving weekend and start to your holiday season. I enjoyed a nice break from the blog and most technology….only plugging in a couple times a day. Nice to have a break! I am certainly NOT Martha when it comes to entertaining….I take a pretty casual approach to things. But I have been having friends … [Read more...]

Easy way to polish silver


Happy Halloween!!! It is supposed to be a rainy cold evening here…kind of glad my kiddos don’t trick or treat this year:) I will be tucked under a blankie with a glass of something…sitting by a fire. Sounds about perfect to me:) This week I hosted my friends to my annual say no to the dress party. It was last night and a complete blast! I highly … [Read more...]

no joke…clean with water


Rarely do I attend “home parties” and leave thinking “gosh, I don’t know how I got along all these years without that.”….with exception of a few …1. the pampered chef batter bowls are life changing. 2. so is the easy measure cup. 3. and more recently the Norwex enviro-cloth and window cloth. I was invited to a party a few weeks back….I went to see … [Read more...]

Cleanin the Air…


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I vaguely remember…that sweet little boy smell…that was a mixture between puppy kisses and fresh cut grass. It was quite different from the “teen” boy smell. Not that my son is dirty…it is just that natural pubescent teen boy smell. You … [Read more...]

10 Cleaning Tips I bet you don’t do now…


This month’s Miele Minute is all about cleaning and organization. January seems to be the month when we clean up, throw away and pare down. I wanted to share with you some ideas that might help you do that task a bit easier….These ideas are so smart (that is me tooting my horn;)! I think many of us think the vacuum is just to clean the rugs and … [Read more...]

Quickly Iron a Large Tablecloth


Hey yall! Happy Friday! This post is off the charts exciting....like sit down....grab a towel to bite...and just brace yourself. How to iron a tablecloth. I know right!?! But...if you are needing to iron a big tablecloth...like maybe for a holiday party or dinner....you may want to read this post...for real this works....and you will feel so … [Read more...]

Preparing for family vacation: Checklist


So ready to soak in a bit of sun soon…this winter is taking forever to leave!!! I have used this list ever since my kiddos were little. Is has changes and adapted every year…but it is a great reference for packing a family up for vacation. I usually place a couple of large shopping bags in my dining room a couple weeks prior to leaving. The … [Read more...]

Mrs. Clean Playlist Clean with Method: Sponsored post


Saturday mornings in our house start with waffles, bacon, music and cleaning…in that order. It is a great way to get everyone up and moving and helping to make the house sparkle. Music is the universal motivator don’t ya think? I mean it is hard to stand still when you have some dance tunes on. And dare I say…you might actually have fun wipin down … [Read more...]

Clean up and organizing…


January seems to be the month that we all like to reorganize and clean up. I have been going through every tool, spatula, whisk, spoon….I mean everything in my kitchen. I feels so good to get rid of things that are never used. You feel like you have twice the space! Gotta make some room for the new right??!! I thought I would round up a few of my … [Read more...]