A day in the Life: CleverlyInspired


We are all home again today..thank you polar vortex (insert sarcasm here). I had this post ready to go....but obviously my day looks a lot different from this today. When my kids are home I tend to project more than write....but here is a general snapshot of a typical day... What do you do all day? How many hours do you work? What is blogging … [Read more...]

Blog Makeover and tour


    I was chatting with my fabulous blog designer Allison a few months back about updating the look on the blog. We both thought that I should do away with the “character” and instead use my own picture. The longer I blog, the more I learn…and first and foremost this blog needs to connect with people. I know when I visit blogs … [Read more...]

DIY photo backdrops


Well, our new white pine wide plank floors are laid and they are gorgeous! Sanding was almost finished today...and our house smells like a "Carolina pine forest..." (name that commercial). Any who, we are in love! They are so stunning and perfect for our bedroom and my office. I have been sharing some pics on Facebook and Instagram...and I will … [Read more...]

CleverlyInspired Media Kit


  Be inspired to be clever in your own home. -Tracie Stoll Author/Creator   CleverlyInspired is a blog dedicated to inspiring others to be clever in their own life. Projects, cooking, decorating and remodeling…all on a budget. Since October 2010 , author Tracie Stoll has been speaking through captivating pictures and easy … [Read more...]

Pro’s and Con’s : Haven Conference 2012


I am not going to write a long post about my time at the Haven Conference this past week. I know many of my readers are not bloggers…so they don’t really “care” much to hear about it all (and for those who are bloggers who may have wanted to go but couldn’t…could get annoying seeing all these post in blogland about how fabulous is was. But I wanted … [Read more...]

Leavin for Georgia….

Hey all! Did I mention I am attending Haven this summer?? Haven is a conference in Atlanta. Some of my favorite bloggers are putting it all together. I am very excited to chat DIY for a few days ! There are 250 bloggers attending…I haven’t met anyone in person (except Traci , she’s another Kentucky girl…and she is on the team of bloggers putting on … [Read more...]

Ten things you need to know before you start a blog


I recently was invited to share some blogging tips over on the national Pi Beta Phi blog. I was humbled when they asked me....here is what I shared....Thanks again!   I am thrilled to be a guest here on the Pi Beta Phi national blog! My name is Tracie and I am the author of Cleverly Inspired (www.cleverlyinspired.com) I graduated from … [Read more...]

One Sentence Interview: Kate Riley of Centsational Girl


  Kate Riley of CentsationalGirl.com is one of two bloggers that drew me into this whole blogging world. Her style very closely matches mine own. I can relate to every post she writes. I would describe her style as updated classic. Chic…without the shabby. Traditional…without the heaviness. Simple…but not boring. Truly love her and her … [Read more...]

One sentence interview with Kate Pruitt : NEW Series!


Just send it out into the universe…and see what happens. Those were my thoughts as I mulled on this new little series “One sentence Interviews”. You never know…maybe no one will respond…but then again…maybe someone WILL respond. I picked out some favorite bloggers of mine and I sent them a short email explaining my new series. The challenge…answer … [Read more...]

Speaking at Project Mom Conference


    Just a short recap of my time in Dallas this past weekend… About 6 months back I was contacted by a sweet girl named Cassie. She is the founder of Project MOM…which is a conference based in the Dallas, Texas area that focuses on helping Mom’s be “even better” moms. The mission of the conference is quite simple…recharge YOU so … [Read more...]