#clevermoving Monday: Planning Plumbing in New Construction


Hey all! Hope your weekend was fabulous. Lots and lots of house showings here. To be specific....26 showings so far....on market for 3 weeks. We have a few folks who seem serious...so hopefully we see some action soon:) It has been nice having a clean house all the time though. I am back today sharing another #clevermoving Monday. Today I am … [Read more...]

Updated family room: Reader Redesign


I recently shouted out on my Facebook page that I would be happy to do a free reader redesigns. Several of you jumped at the chance…so I am going to make it a monthly feature for a while. Now yall know….I am not a licensed interior designer….I am just giving my advice based on what I know…and base on what I think the reader’s taste may be. I know … [Read more...]

Savory Sweet Cornbread Recipe


  There is a restaurant close to us called Napa River….they serve this cornbread…in these cute little cast iron skillets…slice it up into pie wedges…and serve it with warm butter. It. Is. Amazing. I was not a cornbread lover until I had Napa River Grills version. It is savory and sweet….a slight crunch of raw sugar on top…it is a perfect bread … [Read more...]

#clevermoving Monday: 10 Family Friendly Spaces to consider for your New Home


Hey all! Back with another edition of #clevermoving Monday! I am glad you all are enjoying this series. It is really fun to be able to share this process with you. I thought that I would talk today about some of the features that made us fall in love with this house. Now keep in mind, our kids are teens…and this floor plan is very family friendly … [Read more...]

Simple face lift for a blah bathroom…


When getting the house ready to sell….there were a few things on my list that I wanted to improve a bit. The kids bathroom was one room that needed a bit of help. The color in there was not doing any favors either. I have searched and search for one picture of this bathroom before…and I cannot find any! I know how you love a good before and … [Read more...]

perfect potato soup recipe


Spring is around the corner…I can feel it. This potato soup is perfect for busy baseball nights…or just a quiet weekend evening at home. It cooks up quick and reheats nicely too. Pair it with a hearty salad and you are good to go! Pssss...this recipe is low calorie too....and you won't even realize all the fat that is missing:)   An … [Read more...]

#clevermoving Monday: Tips for Electrical Planning in a New Home


Hey all! This weekend there was a weird yellow ball of goodness high in the sky...people call it the "sun"...oh my it was nice to see it! I hope you had some tastes of spring where you live! Starting a fun new series today.... #clevermoving Monday:) The house we have purchased is already started….we skipped by all the boring all the foundation, … [Read more...]

Spring Treats featuring Washi Tape by DuckBrand®


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Anything gingham makes me happy. Gingham wrapping paper, fabric, paper…and this super sweet Washi tape by Duck Brand Craft Tapes. They sent me a package to try out and I love it! Quick question….does anyone call is Wasabi tape? That is how … [Read more...]

Easy Oven Baked Babyback Ribs


Yes....I am sharing ribs on Ash Wednesday....but you can go buy the ribs and have them tomorrow for dinner:) (Plus... I know not all of my readers are Catholic...so the non-meat-eating days of Lent don't apply to you) Anywho, these ribs are a real crowd pleaser...and they couldn't be easier! Babyback ribs used to be one of those meals that I … [Read more...]



Another title for this post…”Complete Brain Dump…”   So several months back…we started to get some flyers here and there…from realtors interested in our house. It happens often around the street where we live. We are in a top school district, our street is a large cul-de-sac, and there are no less that 49 kids that are under the age of … [Read more...]