#CleverBeach How to start an addition remodel

Now that the lake house is behind us we can focus our efforts/planning/dreamin on making our beach house a bit larger so that we can accommodate friends and family. We already had the plans drawn up by a local architect and we already have a few bids for the work. We are tweaking a few […]

5 for the road….

Hey hey…happy FriYay!!! Looking forward to a great weekend…hoping to get the outdoor furniture polished off a bit and enjoy some outdoor time. Love me some vitamin D! The pups are getting used to one floor living….they see it as an open invitation any time to just come and sit outside our doors….just waiting for […]

Converting storage space to family space

So,  last week when we were soaking in the last little bit of summer time we took a few mornings and worked on organizing the beach house storage room and new rec space. I told you briefly about this space last couple months…we are moving right along…..

5 for the road: back in action

Been a busy week here! I had a few design appointments… started to work on the bubs “new” room annnnddd best of all ….found a cheap flight so flying to the beach tomorrow with my honey! We wanted to get one little last bite of summer before we brought Chloe home on September 9th. I […]

5 for the road on a Tuesday

Well…I made it! What a month I have had with Homearama!! It was such a joy to meet those of you that came out and introduced yourselves and told me what a fan you are of my little bitty blog. I feel so ready to get back into the writer’s seat and start creating again.

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