#clevermoving Monday: Lighting

Well, tomorrow is the big day. We move into our new home. The past couple weeks have been a blur….but a lot of fun. My parents have been so kind to let us move in with them….lots of card games and laughs. It was really quite fun! But we are ready to start our new […]

#clevermoving : Picking the paint

Cabinet hardware and paint. Two of the hardest decisions for me with this new home. I can pick floors, cabinets, tile…anything within a two minute time frame….but ask me about paint or knobs and I start to sweat. Which I find hilarious because it is the two things that are super easy to change….but I […]

#clevermoving Monday: Keeping your Inspiration Organized

I am thrilled that you are getting lots of great tips from #clevermoving Monday….it has been so much fun sharing the process with you. Obviously I am not going into great detail on every little decision….but I hope that it gives you an idea of some of the major steps to building a custom house. […]

#clevermoving Monday: Flooring

Happy Memorial Day!! The pools open…I dare you to jump in! #canyousaypolarplunge? Brrrrrrr….   We are full steam ahead on the new house. Hoping to have it wrapped up and ready to close July 1st. There are lots of things to complete….but next up is the flooring. Putting a house together is a little like […]

#clevermoving Monday: Trimmings

I hope you had a restful weekend…and all the mothers out there were completely pampered. We had a nice time with family on Sunday and and evening out with friends on Saturday….perfect weekend really. My intention was to show you some details of the trim in the new house…room by room…but I failed to bring […]

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