31 days of Etsy Inspirations: Day 30


  These soft whites and blush colors drew me right in….thinking of warm winter nights..with a fire in the fireplace…a cup of coco…a warm sweater…all this from a little garland ;)   tuckandbonte … [Read more...]

31 Days of Etsy Inspiration: Day 29


a. totally wish I could try this on b. I want to squeeze this babies cheeks c. don’t you want to smile now? Babies do that huh… :)     threefishshop … [Read more...]

31 days of Etsy Inspiration: Day 28


We didn’t receive the wedding cake that we ordered. It was delivered and set up and looked nothing like what it was supposed to. While the cake was being set up…the baker dropping the top 3 tiers…and had to improvise with ribbon and extra icing.  I didn’t even realize it…and nobody told me. The cake was not able to be stacked when it fell….so … [Read more...]

31 Days of Etsy Inspiration: Day 27


I heart repurposed things. This vintage book has a whole new life thanks to TANGLeAndFoLd . They create ipod stands out of old books. So retro….yet so modern ;) I love things that start a conversation…and this is sure to do that.   … [Read more...]

31 days of Etsy Inspirations: Day 25


  This portrait by etsy seller LeslieMicheleArt reminds me of the ones my parents have in their sitting room. They 3 separate portraits made of myself and one of each of my brothers. It is so endearing. Those little features drawn out and sketched to be remembered forever.       … [Read more...]

31 days of Etsy Inspiration: Day 24


Sorry for the missed day :) Bad stomach bug took me down for a couple days.... This R2D2 iPhone case immediately reminded me of my older brother Jodie. When we lived in Yardley, Pa….his room had this little cubby space. It was the coolest little notch in the corner of his room. I remember it so vividly…probably because I wasn’t allowed in it. It … [Read more...]

31 days of etsy inspirations: Day 21


I am not one to decorate for Halloween....it's just not my thing. I have never liked scary movies...or any of that stuff. Don't get me wrong...I love the candy part of the holiday. And this vinyl graphic caught my eye....very clever indeed...and a real conversation piece for October. circlelinestudios … [Read more...]

31 Days of Etsy Inspirations: Day 20


Seller Cozyblue makes these adorably unique pillows. How sweet to give your love a "tree carving" that will be with your where ever you may go....such a fun gift to give. … [Read more...]

31 Days of etsy Inspirations: Day 19


Do you remember these? I used to sit for hours and look through the view-master. I remember how cool it was when they came out with the 3D versions.....now we have 3D tvs!! Crazy! This etsy seller will make custom view master reels....how cool for a celebration....so retro;) Image 3d  … [Read more...]

31 Days of Etsy Inspiration: Day 16


  Who do you know…could pull off this look? We all have one friend that could totally wear this and people would stop and say “oh my that is so chic on you!” I think this is awesome….though I wonder…could I wear it with jeans to bunco? Could I wear it to Christmas Eve mass? Most likely no….but I could wear it for a fun night on the … [Read more...]