10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm room

Hey yall! Back to school time in full swing here! Bubs started on Friday and peanut starts on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be the last day that I get up and drive my people to school—wow…hard to believe. They will be taking turns driving each other to school. Helps out that their schools are down the street from each other. It is weird though. When they get their license there is this whole new freedom—not just for them…but for me too. It is nice….but at the same time it is just one more milestone that comes and goes too quickly. They are gaining independence…and that is a good thing. I am happy for them….and just a little sad to see another chapter close—but 95% happy…only a tad sappy:) I keep repeating the mantra…I am here to help them be happy, independent people—and driving is just one more step to them living their own lives…and for that I feel very blessed and grateful.10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (11)

I have a few friends…along with my nephew…who are freshman in college this year. I thought it would be fun to round up a couple unique ways to inspire a fun dorm room. You can provide some of the supplies and let them make their first house away from home…more of a home:) I tried to find the original sources for all of these fabulous ideas….but some I could not track down….

Love this little video—washi tape frames!!

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (1)

Clipboards+command hooks=rotating art10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (2)

Make some cheap planters and hang from small hooks

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (3)

DIY a unique bookcase with ikea shelving parts

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (4)

Go to the local home improvement store and grab some inexpensive concrete block:)

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (5)

Print out some free art and go to town:)

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (6)

Make a wall of records10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (8)

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (7)

I love how colorful and fun this giant confetti wall is…and unisex too…boys could do muted colors or fav team:)

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (9)

And who wouldn’t love an inflatable chair…screams college am I right?

10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm @cleverlyinspired (10)

If you are moving in your kiddo/kiddos this year…much luck to you and many hugs:) I am already mentally preparing myself…

Have a great Monday!!

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