Never the same….

I posted this last year….on the anniversary of September 11th. In case you missed it then…..


Elmo’s World. That is what I was doing September 11, 2001. Sesame Street was on the TV. My babies were happy eating Cheerios and singing along to Elmo’s little chant….I was cleaning off the high chairs and thinking about going to the zoo that day. Bill called me…”you need to turn on the news….2 planes have collided in New York…I don’t know why…”
I turned it on….and I couldn’t turn it off…for months. I would get up every morning…and listen and learn and cry.
On this day….I think and remember and pray. I will never forget how I felt that morning. I will always embrace the tears that come on this day…because that is how I can pay tribute to those who aren’t with us anymore…how I will never forget those little ones who lost a parent, the parent who lost a son or daughter, the men and women who went in to help when others where running out, all of them.
I took these pictures back in 1993. I was studying photography at the University of Dayton. My friend Margaret and Bill and I decided to roadtrip. I am so thankful I had my camera…and I am so thankful I took these pictures.

Never forget…
“let’s roll”
-Todd Beamer


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One thought on “Never the same….

  1. Jule

    Not only you there in the US, but everyone in the world will forever rememer what they did when it happened. I am in Germany and I worked in an office and my boss called me (we were the only ones at the office at that time) and he said that planes had crashed into the towers and he turned the TV on and I remember I was afraid that World War 3 had started. I was sent home that day and everyone in the tube was on their cellphones, nobody knew what was going on and when I arrived at home, I switched on my TV and watched all the news that we got to see and I saw the towers collapse. When I think about it I can still feel the horror that I felt then. Even here in Germany, many people know someone who got lost and died in the towers. My dad’s colleague was in on e of the towers that day and was never heard of again. So we might be far away geographically, but we share your grief.

    Jule from inside9B

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