Grilled Hot Wings (buffalo wings)


Love…hate relationship. Me and hot wings. I love how they taste…I hate that they are bad for you. Love the different sauces you can eat them with…hate that they are a mess to make and eat! Bill is a huge fan of hot wings…and we were both searching for a way to enjoy them with less fat, less mess…and MORE fun :) With a bit of experimenting….this is … [Read more...]

Home made cleaners: (silver jewelry cleaner)


I have been going through some things lately and came upon some jewelry that needed cleaning. My  mom recently gave me her silver charm bracelet. I remember this bracelet so vividly from my childhood. It was her date night bracelet. She would be all prettied up and this bracelet was fascinating to me. I love it! She was gifted charms at different … [Read more...]

Pro’s and Con’s : Haven Conference 2012


I am not going to write a long post about my time at the Haven Conference this past week. I know many of my readers are not bloggers…so they don’t really “care” much to hear about it all (and for those who are bloggers who may have wanted to go but couldn’t…could get annoying seeing all these post in blogland about how fabulous is was. But I wanted … [Read more...]

Summer Mantle (mantel decorating) 2012


I was inspired to throw together my summer mantle this weekend….it was looking a little bit boring. Here is what I pulled from around the house to create a summery feel in the family room. I love my roll of kraft paper!! You can find a large roll of it in your local hardware store’s paint isle. Most use it for covering surfaces to protect them … [Read more...]

Fresh Cherry Cobbler


Hi all!! I made it home from Haven 2012 and it was a blast. The sessions I attended were really informative. I got to talk to a ton of fabulous bloggers and new friends! A highlight (among several) was helping Ana White build during her session. She is so kind and really knowledgeable about building furniture. And when she told me later on that she … [Read more...]

How to install Bamboo Blinds


  I really love the ease and versatility of bamboo blinds. I have used them in my family room and in Bill’s new office. They are really easy to put up too! Only tool required is a drill! I purchased mine through They have a huge variety of colors and sizes. Be sure to measure your windows and take note of the width. These … [Read more...]

Leavin for Georgia….

Hey all! Did I mention I am attending Haven this summer?? Haven is a conference in Atlanta. Some of my favorite bloggers are putting it all together. I am very excited to chat DIY for a few days ! There are 250 bloggers attending…I haven’t met anyone in person (except Traci , she’s another Kentucky girl…and she is on the team of bloggers putting on … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Becky from Houzz

Not too long ago I received an email from Lily at….she was enjoying my blog and offered to write a guest post. I was like…”Houzz…wants to guest post…here…on my little blog?!?!” Yes!!! I am a huge fan of Houzz. The website is a go to source for professionals and DIYer’s….love the inspiration I find on Houzz. She offered to write a topic … [Read more...]

Homemade Mocha Chip Ice Cream


Me and coffee…peanut butter n jelly, mac to the cheese, ants to a picnic, butter to the biscuit (hey that rhymes)….that’s right…we just go together. I just need one hearty cup in the morning…and I am good to go…but I really LOVE that one cup. Oh it is pure nectar. So you KNOW I love this ice cream. We tested this Mocha chip ice cream recently in … [Read more...]

Make a Road Trip Snack Tray


I know a lot of us spend some serious time in the car during the summer months. And I also know that kids are best behaved when there is something in their mouth…I joke I joke…sort of. So I was on a mission to create a tray of some sort that could be wiped clean, kept in the back pocket of the car seat, and was easy and cheap to make. The kids used … [Read more...]