Clarice and Ellie



I recently went to visit by best friend. She has 3 of the sweetest, kindest, most adorable daughters. This exchange happened one morning while I was having my coffee. Thankfully, my camera was right next to me…..

Me: Ellie, why is that stuffed animal reindeer on that stool over there?

Ellie: Oh, that is my friend Clarice……ya know the reindeer? Clarice drives my sled….

















Me: gotcha…I see…(go on drinking my coffee)

Ellie: See I think that she should drive the sled. Just because she is a girl she can’t drive the sled? I don’t think Rudolph should always get to drive Santa. Right?!? (insert many hand gestures and head bobs along with dialog…to get the full “Ellie-effect”) So I made this sled so that Clarice could drive my sled. She is my best friend. (I’m guessing that is why she is still “hooked” up to her stool…err I mean sled”)



Me: I agree Ellie. That is a very good point. She should be able to drive the sled sometimes too.

Ellie: I know it is a good point.


I love you Ellie.

And Sarah and Abby….who are equally as charming and funny:) Love you all !


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2 thoughts on “Clarice and Ellie

  1. MelissA

    That’s my girl, Ellie! Equal rights for women…girl power! Great pictures, Trace! Your visit was good for the soul! Love you!

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