This post is brought to you by Putter the Dog

Again, this post is from Putter. Our 10 year old golden. He has lots to say. But I told him to keep it short.....Did you know that dog spelled God. Just sayin....maybe this holiday season, we could be a little extra generous....with food that is....Ok, that's all. Thanks for listening and reading my mom's blog. Putter dog.PS, I enjoy … [Read more...]

Dreaming for???? Enter to win serious cash!!!

What do ya think....could you use an extra $2,500??? Around this time of year who couldn't??? Toys are expensive....especially the electronic kind! I thought I would give a shout out for you to have the opportunity to win some cash....What would you use it on?? and are giving away some serious cash! A grand prize of $2,500 and … [Read more...]

Fabric Scrap Art


This all started with a .25 bag of cool nails from Restore (the Habitat for Humanity store). My thought was to use them for some string art. Wasn't that popular in the 70's? Isn't it funny how everything comes back around. String art....back en vogue...who knew right?!?! My version is a bit more rustic(at least it turned out that way). I used items … [Read more...]

Hot Coco Ornaments


Hot coco...first thing you think at right when you look at a plastic clear ornament that is 50% off...right?? Oh no---well I did :) A clear plastic many possibilities, am I right or am I right?!?! So the ornament was .50....a great price point if you have to make a bunch of small gifts (think favors, teachers, hostess, friends … [Read more...]

Italian Sausage Soup


Isn't kind of funny when you slow down, look a little closer at almost always learn something new. That is how I found this soup recipe. It was on the back of the Saltine cracker box. I was throwing it away...and I took a minute to read the box...cut it out...and made it that week. Let me tell you, so happy I did...this soup is … [Read more...]

Game show host


Go visit me over at Beneath My Heart today! Sharing a great little recipe!This post has nothing to do with Christmas, cooking, baking, decorating...and it may not pertain to some of you...but I had to share. Last year I told you about the study game. Well, the kids are in middle school now are not quite as into that as they were last year. They … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating…Use what you have


Happy Sunday friends :) We are supposed to be having constant rain today and tomorrow-- I am wishing it was snow. I could really go for a nice fluffy, big flake snowfall! Hopefully soon! Wanted to take yall on a little tour of a few decorations around the house. I used what I had on hand this year...only spent about $10 on a couple new … [Read more...]

Christmas Wishing Chair


I shared this recently over at CSI and I wanted to be sure you all saw it too. I recently scored this sad little chair at the thrift store. It was only $5 and I knew I could do something fun and out of the ordinary with it....I was inspired by some of these pictures.sourcesourceAnd I got to thinkin....I could paint this sweet little chair green. I … [Read more...]