Pickle Jar and Matchbooks

Ok…so a couple of announcements!! Today is the last day to sign up for the Martha book giveaway. Name will be drawn this afternoon and be announced on facebook…then on the blog. Also, I am so excited to tell you that I created a smart phone app for the blog!!! Yes, all the bloggie goodness right on your phone :) If you have the Android market you can download it directly from there. If you have another type of phone…you just have to type this in your browser and follow the directions to download. : http://cleverlyinspired.mobapp.at
That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy :)
Here’s a little thrifting story for you….go see what you can find this weekend :)

On a recent adventure to a favorite thrift shop call Tickled Pink…yes…it is pink on the outside…you can’t miss it. I found a pickle jar full of matchbooks….or I should say the pickle jar found me. I about broke the pickle jar when my purse accidentally tipped it…sending it to the floor…where I swooshed in and saved it. I did make a yelp when I swooshed…yes I did. Anywho, I looked at the said pickle jar and thought…aww that is so cute. I love pickles and  I love jars. Upon closer inspection…I see there are vintage matchbooks inside (all for just $5)…all colors and shapes and sizes….love that. Makes me think back to when I was little and we would go to a “fancy” restaurant. There would always be mints and matchbooks. Just like in Madmen…..

 Matches from Eastern Airlines….funny because I do remember when people used to smoke on planes…also funny because now your lucky if you get water and peanuts.
Here is the cool vintage pickle jar…that ran into me…

Ok, so you care enough to put your baby in “cloth” diapers…but you light up some toxins at any given moment….just funny…and odd…

 They INSIST on clean diapers…not necessarily clean lungs….but for sure clean diapers…

 Some were too funny to not share…
Unsure how I am going to use these….but believe you me…I will keep you in the loop!


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One thought on “Pickle Jar and Matchbooks

  1. Laura

    Yet another item that's no longer PC to have. I remember having matchbooks made for my wedding and I still have one as a keepsake. Nowadays you wouldn't be seen dead with a matchbook on your wedding tables…. a shame but there you go. I would definitely have to frame these if they were mine – well, at least the really cute or funny ones. Would make a nice item for a dining room or study perhaps? I'm thinking boxy frame with big mountings around each matchbook so you'd really have to get up close to see them. As for the jar, well the possibilities are endless…… lol

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