Homemade Pasta

The end of this summer we went on a road trip. While Bill was busy at work…my mom and kids and I drove to Philadelphia. It is a place that takes me back to my childhood. I have many relatives and dear friends there…and I wanted to show our kids a bit of history too. While we were there…we spent some time with my cousins in West Chester. One night the two girls wanted to make some fresh pasta. My cousin’s daughter Stephanie taught Emily….and they had so much fun!

 Emily taking notes….
 Preparing to cook…
 They used a food processor to mix the dough…
 Little brothers are not always helpful….
 Sifted the flour first to ensure it was light and fluffy :)

4 eggs were used in the dough…

 They worked so well together and it was so nice to see them making a memory…

 We all talked and hung out in the kitchen….yapping away:)

 The kitchenaid pasta attachments are a must for this pasta…makes it so much fun too!

 When dough was incorporated…they kneaded it a bit on a floured board…then they broke it into pieces of flat balls. This made it easy to go through the flattener.
 Sometimes it helps to stick your tongue out when you make pasta….just sayin
 “I know what I want for Christmas mom…”
 They laid the flat pieces on a towel…separate from one another.
 Then they took those flat pieces and put them through the fettuccine maker attachment.
 I couldn’t NOT try….so so fun!
Toss the raw noodles in a bit of flour..and shake off well before you place in boiling water. Takes just a few minutes to cook. Drain and place in bowl. Top with your favorite sauce.

Plain old noodles will never measure up to this! There is nothing in the world like fresh pasta with a homemade tomato sauce…and some fresh cheese :) Joy!
Fresh Pasta
3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 semolina 
3 or 4 eggs (if dough is too pieced and will not bind, use the 4th egg)
3 teaspoons oil
3 teaspoons salt

Sift the flours onto wax paper. Place in food processor along with salt, oil and eggs. Process until dough forms a nice ball. Refrigerate for 30 minutes (we didn’t do this…but it is recommended). Break off dough into pieces and flatten with your hand. Feed through the flat attachment. Lay sheets of dough on towels. Change the attachment and feed through the fettuccine. Lay noodles on a sheet of parchment and sprinkle/toss with some flour. Boil water and salt the water. Shake excess flour off noodles and place in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Drain and top with a favorite sauce! YUM!!!

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  1. Sonia Rumzi

    So amazing! I love the tutorial with pictures of your family. That made my day! I raised two daughters and days like this one you showed are sorely missed. Beautiful! thank you.

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