The amazing Stuffed Bread Appetizer

Always on the look out for easy...filling...interesting appetizers. I especially love them it I can make them ahead of time...and serve up when friends arrive! This one is perfect for those occasions....Is it a telescope? Is it hollow bread? You decide....all it takes is a long serrated knife...and a bit of patience.Chop up all ingredients....Mix … [Read more...]

$8 Rocking Chair…revived!


So I found this little lonely rocking chair just calling my name at the thrift store...."take me home, fix me up, update my fabric, read a book on me..." (again, I admit, I am odd....) I digress....I took this little chair home....and here is what happened...Dated, old, seafoam paint, the lil lady needed a makeover....I sort of felt like … [Read more...]

Isn’t it funny


We are always looking for the next "big change"...when they will eat solids, or turn over, or crawl or walk or talk. (kids first day of Kindergarten)We are always looking ahead...and even a bit envious...when another says "well he/she was an early walker..." Is it better to be early? People say it is...but really in the big scheme of life...when … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie


Last day of school for my kiddos today!! Summer here we come!! I will be posting throughout the summer months....but probably fewer times during the week. It has always been a goal of mine with this blog for it to be fun for my readers and also fun for me ! I want to enjoy the summer and soak in every moment! I hope you do the same!Yes, you … [Read more...]

Field Day t-shirts


I am in charge of making the t shirts for field day this year. Needed to think up something cheap, fun, boy/girl friendly, and easy---because I need to make 26! I came up with Rembold's All is what I didRembold is the teacher's name....I placed a baggie in the middle of the shirt to prevent paint getting on the back. I bought a large … [Read more...]