There are some places you visit that take you right back to childhood…

where every path will lead you to sand…

where a stroll…can lead to uncontrollable laughs—right after a game of

“stop touching me…no your touching me…no you touched me first”

where the biggest decision for the day is what to bring to the picnic….
or what kind of ice cream to get that night….

Rosemary Beach, FL is a little treasure….just a little sleepy beachtown 20 miles west of Panama City Beach on route 30A….

I took over 500 pictures….

ending your day….with a sunset….

Where the mode of transportation is bike or your own two feet…
the architecture and finishes of all the buildings are truly amazing….

where you can have a glass of wine—while playing volleyball with a beach ball

I can’t wait to see you again Rosemary :)
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4 thoughts on “Rosemary

  1. MyBluePeacock

    Gorgeous Family Photo!!!! A vacation, what a treasure of memories you and your family are compiling!

    Hope you enjoy every moment :)

  2. Toni Steinberger

    @ I love your blog, these pictures are awesome! I would love it if you took a look at my blog!

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