Football cupcake

So the interview went so great….it was like we were old friends chatting about crafts and projects (except she was half my age….I joke…I joke…no I’m not joking…she was half my age) Andrea and I talked about all the things that I love about blogging—and it was really fun to share that! Can’t wait to see the article…I will share :)
Onto a fabulous cupcake! I made these for Superbowl….but I thought they would be SUPER for a football inspired birthday party too!!
A little green sprinkle…for the “grass”

A few pretzel sticks broken and made into a goal post (“glue” is icing)

I chose to “dunk” the entire top into a bowl of green sprinkles to get even coverage….
Finish off with a chocolate icing football! Super cute! I made the goal post a night before and let them set up good on wax paper. They are a bit fragile…but they stayed together fine!
Happy Friday!!! I’m searching for a new giveaway—maybe a fun new book?!?! We all love books!

Be Inspired to be Clever ;)


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